Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls: A HELPFUL Review

The Vice Pro Plus golf balls are designed for better players who have faster swing speeds. I don’t swing the club too hard so I was pretty curious to see how they’d perform and in this post, I’ll be talking about whether or not they’re worth picking up.

How did I like them? The Vice Pro Plus golf balls performed really well for me and I found them pretty similar to the ProV1x balls from Titleist. The distance was just as long as some of the higher-end balls and they didn’t launch as high (which some lower handicaps will like). The only downside is that you have to buy in bulk to get them cheap and the durability isn’t as good as it should be.

This is coming from a mid handicap player so keep that in mind. If you’re a higher handicap or beginner then I’d recommend you go with something else but if you like the ProV golf balls and want something cheaper then they could be for you.

I don’t use ProV golf balls often but I did find them to be pretty similar and a lot of people are saying the same thing. I still don’t use the Pro Plus balls because the ones I prefer are slightly better for my swing and are a bit cheaper. Overall, I’d say they’re a good golf ball and would give them a thumbs up. If you want a more detailed review or you want to find out where the cheapest place to get them is, then continue reading.

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Control & Forgiveness

Like I said before, my opinion is coming from a mid handicap point of view and when I talk about control & forgiveness I’m talking about how good the ball was at staying in the fairway and not shooting off three holes over.

The conditions were pretty wet and windy out when I tried them and they actually performed really well. I thought I might have some trouble because of the wind and the lower launching nature of them but it didn’t really turn out to be the case.

They weren’t the most forgiving ball on the market but I’ll definitely say they were more forgiving than a ProV (for me anyway). I’m not saying that’ll be the case for you but it was for me and I’ve read other people say the same.

Here’s a demo video:

I really liked the way these balls felt at impact and it made me feel like I had a pretty good amount of control. They were softer than the Vice Tour balls and harder than the Vice Pro Soft. If I needed to put a bit of draw on the ball I felt like I could and it felt really smooth on the greens and distance control was solid.

Overall, the amount of control and forgiveness I had as a mid handicap player with a medium swing speed was actually better than a more expensive Titleist Prov.

Distance & Performance

In terms of distance, I hit the ball 4-5 yards longer with the Vice Pro Plus (compared to a ProV1x). I don’t normally play with Titleist balls but wanted to compare them because people were saying they’re quite similar. That alone would be enough for me to switch balls.

I think they were longer because they didn’t spin as much and the ball tended to fly straighter. It’s not going to fix a hook or slice (no ball will) but it’ll definitely help a bit. If you do have a slower swing speed then you won’t get much distance with these and you should go with something softer like ones of these.

vice pro plus golf ball review

Now for the spin around the green. They’re actually one of my favorites when it comes to the short game. I’m not able to put that much spin on the ball but I did find the Vice to be better at sticking on the green (when I was able to get good spin on the ball the ProV spun too much). I felt like my distance control was much better compared to a Titleist.

Other than the price, the only downside I could find with this ball was the durability. I don’t normally wear out balls that quickly but I did notice that the Pro Plus balls scratched up pretty easily.


  • They’re cheaper but similar to ProV’s.
  • The distance was just as good as any (lower spinning).
  • I was able to get a decent amount of spin on the green.


  • They’re only cheap if you buy in bulk (5 dozen).
  • They are not very durable at all.

The Breakdown

  • Performance Score: 9
  • Quality Score: 7
  • Value: 8
  • Personal Score: 8

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Vice ball is best for me?

A. They do have a trial pack where you can test out each of the balls. These are only good if you’re a low to mid handicap player with faster swing speeds.

Q. Are these balls good for seniors?

A. No, probably not.

Q. Is it a hard or soft ball?

A. It’s somewhere in the middle and I thought it felt really good.

The Verdict

Overall, if you’re a better golfer who doesn’t want to spend $5 per ball on a Titleist, you want a lower launching golf ball, and get too much spin with a ProV then these could be perfect for you. They aren’t my favorite personally and I don’t use them but I did get pretty good results using them and a lot of others are as well. Check the price on Amazon.

The only thing I didn’t like about them was the price (cheaper if you buy in bulk) and the durability. If you can get past that then I see no reason why you shouldn’t give the Pro Plus golf balls a try.

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