Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball: An HONEST Review

You’ve probably seen the ads recently about these new golf balls that are half the price of some of the higher-end balls on the market. They’re supposed to be very simple and in this post, I’m going to be reviewing the Vice Pro Soft golf balls and talking about whether or not they’re worth picking up.

The Pro Soft balls from Vice are designed for average players with low to mid swing speeds. The Vice was a little bit softer, had a slightly higher trajectory, and was around 3 yards longer on average. It also had a decent amount of spin around the green and was pretty similar to the Chrome Soft. Overall, the performance was quite good and it’s something I’d recommend.

I’m not saying the Vice Pro Soft is for everyone because they’re not. I’m not a low handicap and I don’t have a fast swing speed. This ball is designed for my game and I prefer a softer golf ball.

If that’s you then it could work but if not, you’ll probably want to go with something else. If you want a more detailed review or you want to see some other balls that might be better for you, continue reading.

Control & Forgiveness

The first thing I look for in a golf ball is how forgiving it is. I’m not a low handicap player so I can normally use all the forgiveness I can get. The thing I like best about these softer balls is that they’re usually better for average players and I still think that’s the case with the Pro Soft.

I wouldn’t say the Pro Soft is the most forgiving ball on the market and I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite. That being said, I was still impressed with how forgiving it was off the tee. I’d say it’s very similar to the Callaway Chrome Soft.

The next thing I noticed about it was that the Vice was slightly softer than the Chrome Soft. Some people will like this and some won’t. I do prefer a softer ball myself but I found the Vice to be a little bit too much. That’s just my personal opinion but I think a lot of weekend golfers could benefit from using something soft like it.

Around the greens, I like to have a bit of spin to help slow the ball down and the spin was the same as the Chrome Soft but not as much as some. I had pretty good control around the green with it and was able to get it to spin a bit but there are other balls on the market that spin more (will be more $$).

I’m not able to put a huge amount of spin on the ball anyway so this wasn’t really a big deal for me (and won’t be for a lot of golfers). Overall, I definitely liked the amount of control and forgiveness I had with the Pro Soft.

Distance & Performance

vice pro soft review

The next thing I look at in a golf ball is how long it is and how it performs overall. I’d way rather have a ball that’s forgiving and accurate than something that’s pure distance and I think you should be the same.

I’ll start off by saying, the Vice was longer off the tee compared to the Chrome Soft. It was somewhere around 3 yards longer on average which doesn’t sound like much but I’ll take any yard I can get. If you like a softer ball and want the most distance possible then this could be a great option for you. Here’s a demo video:

I also noticed that the Vice was slightly higher launching. That’s most likely where the extra distance comes from and having a nice and high ball flight is definitely a confidence booster. My ball flight isn’t always as high as I’d like it so this was a nice feature.

Overall, the distance wasn’t the longest for me but it was longer than the Chrome Soft and that’s pretty respectable. All other performance was pretty solid and I was happy with what I saw.

Vice Pro Soft Specs

Vice Pro Soft
MarketIntermediate Golfer


  • The distance and forgiveness were respectable.
  • I was able to get some spin on them.
  • They had a pretty good amount of feel and feedback.


  • It was a little bit too soft for me (some people like it).
  • They’re still not that cheap (middle of the range).

The Breakdown

  • Performance Score: 8
  • Quality Score: 8
  • Value Score: 8
  • Personal Score: 8

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Vice Pro Soft good for seniors?

A. Yeah, I think a softer ball like it could benefit your game.

Q. What compression are they?

A. They are a low compression golf ball.

Q. What ball would the Pro Soft be similar to?

A. I think it’s quite similar to the Callaway Chrome Soft and Titleist ProV1. Find out here if Pro V1 balls are any good for beginners.

The Verdict

Overall, if you’re an average golfer who has a low to mid swing speed, wants a decent amount of control around the green, and is fine spending a bit of money on a golf ball then these could be for you. If you want to buy a box, you can check the price on Amazon.

As I said before, they aren’t my favorite balls on the market but everyone’s swing is different and everyone prefers different things. Everything was pretty solid on them and that’s why I would give them a thumbs up.

The distance was great, it gave a good amount of forgiveness, and it was not as expensive as some of the other balls. If you like a really soft golf ball then I’d say to give the Pro Soft a try and see what you think.

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