Vice Tour Golf Balls: An HONEST Review

Is the Vice Tour golf ball really the perfect ball for the average golfer? How does it stand up to the rest of the balls on the market? In this post, I’m going to be reviewing the Vice Tour golf ball and talking about whether or not it’s worth picking up.

What did I think of the ball? I found the Vice Tour balls to be one of the better options in this price range (for me). They’re reasonably priced at under $2 per ball and they were just as long as the balls I normally play. I found them a little bit too firm at impact and they got beat up pretty quickly, but other than that, I was very happy with their performance.

These balls were designed for players of all skill levels but I’d probably say they’d be best for mid to high handicap players. I wouldn’t say they’re as good as a ProV1 when it comes to being able to spin the ball but if you’re a normal golfer then you probably don’t need to worry about that anyway.

Anyway, I’m a mid handicap player (shoot in the 80s) so that’s the frame of mind I’m coming from when I talk about this ball and how it performed for me. If you want the full details or to know what ball I like the best, continue reading.

Control & Forgiveness

These two things are the most important thing for me when it comes to a golf ball.

I don’t really care about getting the most distance out of it because I’d way rather have control and accuracy to hit the fairway and green in regulation.

Being able to control the ball means you’re able to shape the ball around and put it somewhat close to where you want it. I’ll also include how the ball feels because I think that’s important as well (at least it is for me).

I’m not able to move the ball around exactly the way I want but sometimes I can put a nice draw or fade on the ball and the Vice Tour ball was just like any other. I don’t know if I’d say it’s better or worse than others but it definitely worked for me.

Here’s a demo video:

The one thing I didn’t like as much was how the ball felt at impact.

It’s a bit too firm for me but some people do like that. I prefer a slightly softer ball but it’s more of a preference thing and it doesn’t really impact the performance.

The ball is designed for minimal dispersion which I guess you can call forgiveness.

I didn’t find it to be as forgiving as a Noodle but it was pretty good. I was able to hit more fairways/greens compared to a Titleist so I guess that’s a win.

Distance & Performance

Vice Tour Golf Ball review

What most people want out of a golf ball is to be able to bomb it down the fairway.

I’ve seen it so many times with people who don’t care about feel or forgiveness and just want to hit it as far as they can. They’ll hit the driver every hole and end up 2 fairways over but be fine with it because it went 280 yards.

In that case, I think the Vice Tour balls could be a good fit because they were just as long as any other ball I’ve used.

They were slightly longer than a Chrome Soft for me but were very similar to what I normally play.

A lot of people are saying they’re somewhere between a ProV1 and ProV1x but are much cheaper.

I don’t play Titleist balls often so I can’t really say for sure but it seems like people are really liking them.

I felt like they rolled smoothly on the greens but the two downsides I noticed were that they didn’t seem to spin as much as a softer ball and they got knicked up fairly easily (they are cheaper so it’s not a huge deal).

Vice Tour Specs

Vice Tour
MaterialDuPont Surlyn
MarketIntermediate Golfer


  • They’re similar to a Titleist (apparently) but much cheaper.
  • The distance was just as good as any other ball (for me).
  • They felt and rolled smoothly on the green.


  • I found them to be pretty firm.
  • They didn’t seem to last very long.

The Breakdown

  • Performance Score: 9
  • Quality Score: 7
  • Value: 9
  • Personal Score: 8.5

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are these a good ball for seniors?

A. Yeah, if you like a firmer ball then they could be perfect.

Q. Would these work for a high handicap or beginner player?

A. I’d probably recommend something like the Vice Drive, Taylormade Noodle, or Wilson Duo Soft+.

Q. What Vice ball is right for me?

A. They have a trial pack where you can try all of their balls to see what’s right for you. They also have a golf ball recommender.

The Verdict

Even though there were a few things I didn’t like about them, I do think they’re a solid golf ball and I would feel comfortable recommending them. If you want to grab a box, you can check the price on Amazon.

They were a bit too firm for me and they didn’t last as long as I’d like but they performed just as well as any other ball I’ve used. They’re also much cheaper than some higher-end balls and a lot of people are saying they switched from Titleist to save some dough.

I don’t use them myself because I prefer and am used to something else but if I found one I’d have no issues keeping it and using it for a round. Overall, thumb up from me.

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