Sunday Golf El Camino: An HONEST Review

If you’re the type of person who likes carrying their bag on the course or only use a handful of clubs, getting a Sunday bag might be the way to go. There are a number of different options to pick from, but in this post, Jon will be testing and reviewing one of the more popular bags, the El Camino by Sunday Golf.

Has room for everything I carry on the courseClubs don’t always go into the bag smoothly
It’s balanced well and easy to carryNarrow legs make it unstable at times
The zippers are better than competitors
It comes with a cooler pocket

Key Takeaways: Even though it’s more expensive than other brands on the market, the quality of the materials and zippers, and features make this one of the best golf bags. The only issues I came across were that the clubs don’t always go into the bag smoothly and the legs are a bit narrow.

Who Should Buy: This bag could be perfect for you if you like to walk the course and need something lighter than your current bag. It’s also a great choice for someone who also wants a bag they can put on a push or power cart.

What Is A Sunday Golf Bag?

A Sunday golf bag is one that’s smaller and lighter compared to a traditional carry or cart bag. It’s a great solution for someone that walks shorter courses or doesn’t play with a full set of clubs.

The majority of Sunday bags I’ve seen in the past were quite small and only really held a handful of clubs. They weren’t for me, but they’d be a solid option for beginners or carrying around the par 3 or the pitch and putt course.

Here are a few times you’d want to use a lighter bag:

  • If you carry less than 10 clubs
  • For the driving range
  • Par 3 or pitch and putt courses
  • If you’re walking 9 holes

Before I got this bag, I always used a normal-sized cart bag with a pushcart. It was fine for full courses, but it wasn’t that fun when I had to carry it.

I play par 3 and 9-hole executive courses quite often, so bringing my bag and cart around with me wasn’t always the most convenient. The El Camino makes things a lot easier in these cases.

If you don’t know, these bags hold fewer clubs than full-sized bags. Most still hold all your balls, rangefinders, drinks, and jackets, but they’ll hold fewer clubs.

The El Camino is Sunday Golf’s largest bag and will hold 10 clubs. They have a couple of other bags that hold even less (and are lighter). I just use 9 clubs (5 wood missing from the picture above), so this bag was a great fit for when I wanted to walk.

The Features Of The El Camino

Dual strap: If you’re going to be carrying a bag around the course then you’ll need a double strap. My cart bag didn’t have one, which sucked when I had to carry the bag. The original Loma bag only had a single strap but the Loma XL also had a double.

Insulated drink pocket: Whether you drink a couple of waters or sodas on the course, you want to make sure they stay cold. This bag luckily comes with a compartment that keeps the warmth out, which will hold 3 cans of whatever you drink.

Valuables pocket: It comes with a pocket that will hold your phone, wallet, keys, and whatever else you’re carrying. It’s velour-lined, and I really have no idea why that’s important, but hey, I’ll take it.

Velcro glove holder: My old bag didn’t have one of these so I’d just take my glove off and put it in my pocket. It may sound kind of dumb but I found it to be a really useful feature. Plus, you can store your glove there and it won’t be as dry and crusty the next time you use it.

Rangefinder pocket: I don’t use a rangefinder but there is a pocket where you can easily slide one in and out. I just use it as additional storage if I need it but it’s good to have in case I use one in the future.

Clothes pocket: There’s a large pocket on the side that you can use to store your jacket, sweater, umbrella, lunch, or whatever else you’re bringing to the course.

Ball pocket: I use the front pocket to store my golf balls and extra tees. There’s room for a good amount of balls in the main compartment and then there’s a mesh pocket also where I store the tees.

Scorecard pocket: Above the ball compartment is a small mesh pocket. You could use it for a number of things but I use it to store the scorecard and pencil.

Tee holders: Above the mesh pocket is a place where you can store a few tees and or your scorecard pencil. It’ll fit 8 or so tees for easy access.

The Quality Of The El Camino

A lot of the Sunday bags I’ve seen are quite cheap, and as a result, the quality isn’t always there. Some of them weren’t too bad, but the bags from Sunday Golf are on the higher side.

With that, you’ll have to pay a higher price, but it could be worth it to you if this will be your primary bag or you’ll use it a lot. If you’re a beginner or will only use it every now and then, there could be better options for you (possibly, the smaller bag from Sunday Golf).

Some of the bags out there are made from a pretty thin material that could rip if it got snagged on something. The El Camino is a pretty solid material and seems like it’ll deal with everyday wear and tear.

The only thing I noticed was that there was a strand of thread coming from the club pocket after a few rounds. It doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with the bag though.

I’ve also had bags in the past where the zippers broke or wouldn’t close that smoothly. I’ve messed around with them and pulled on them pretty well and haven’t run across any issues.

The straps are also more comfortable than some of the other bags I’ve tried and would have no issues walking a full 18 holes with 9-10 clubs and my gear.

How Did The El Camino Perform?

The main thing to look at is how the bag actually performed on the course. It could be made with the most expensive materials out there but if it’s not that functional, what’s the point in buying one?

The first thing to consider is how comfortable it is to carry. I’ve always had cart bags, which only have a single strap and aren’t comfortable at all. The El Camino is definitely better than my old bag.

I don’t have much experience with carry/stand bags. They all have dual straps (same as the El Camino) but they’ll also be heavier. It makes sense to me that the lighter bag would be easier to carry.

Overall, the strap fits me well and the bag was balanced well so that the clubs wouldn’t fall out (check the picture in the previous section). I was golfing with a buddy of mine, who has a different Sunday bag (different brand), and his clubs would always want to fall out.

The next thing that’s important is how well the clubs went in and came out of the bag. I’m sure you’ve had a bag where you had to fight with your clubs to get them in or out of your bag. Not that fun.

The El Camino has 4 pockets for your clubs and each of them is full length. I have two clubs in each pocket but still noticed that the clubs would get hung up on each other at times.

It’s a bit annoying at times, but it happens with most of the bags out there. The only solution would be to have a separate compartment for each club. Not a huge deal though.

The final factor to look at is how stable the bag is when you’re not using it. You can see in the picture below that the legs are a bit on the narrow side, and the bag actually fell over a few times.

This only happened when the bag was sitting on a hill but was perfectly fine on flat ground. Again, it’s not a huge deal, but it would be nice to have a slightly wider stance to make it more stable.

All in all, even with the two minor issues, I still liked the way the bag performed on the course. Being comfortable to carry is the most important thing in my mind, and that was the case with this bag.

El Camino vs Loma vs Loma XL

Sunday Golf has three different models right now, the El Camino, Loma, and Loma XL. They’re all slightly different, but the main thing is that each of them is a different size.

The original Loma bag has room for 6-7 clubs, has a single strap, and only has a few storage pockets. This makes it a good choice for beginners or someone playing shorter par 3 courses (or pitch and putt).

The Loma XL has room for 8 clubs, a double strap, and slightly more storage. This makes it a good choice for people walking the course without a full set of clubs.

The El Camino has room for 10 clubs, a double strap, and the most storage. This makes it a solid choice for golfers that want one bag for wherever they’re playing (full course, par 3, driving range, walking, carting).

How Does The El Camino Compare To Other Bags?

Before the El Camino came out I really had no reason to get a Sunday bag. I had never used one of Sunday Golf’s bags so I was curious to see how they stacked up to the rest, so I went to a few golf stores in my area to compare them.

There were a few “no-name” brands that had bags for $100 bucks or less, but most of them only had a few pockets, held less than 7 clubs, and didn’t have a stand on them.

There was also a Sunday bag from Cobra that was pretty decent. It was $50 cheaper than the El Camino but it definitely wasn’t as good. The legs were quite flimsy and it didn’t come with an insulated drink pocket.

The last one I looked at was one from Sun Mountain (which had a similar price tag), which was high quality as well. The only issue was that it didn’t have a stand either. I really don’t understand why. The strap was also a bit less comfortable than the El Camino.

What I Don’t Like About The El Camino

Even though I liked the majority of what the El Camino offered, it still wasn’t perfect (no product is, really). I noticed a couple of minor things that could be improved, but it’s something that you’ll run into with most bags.

Here are two things that were a bit annoying:

  • The legs were a bit narrow
  • My clubs occasionally got hung up on each other

Having a narrow stance made the bag get unbalanced on certain surfaces. When I put the bag on a slope I had to adjust it a few times to stop it from falling over. I’d say that 80% of the time it was fine, but a slightly wider stance would make things better.

There are 4 club pockets, so each of them will have multiple clubs. Sometimes when you’re taking clubs out or putting them in they’ll grab on each other. All you have to do is use a bit of force and everything is fine. This is common for most golf bags, so I don’t think much can be done here.

Is The El Camino Right For You?

I’ve used the El Camino a number of times and tried putting it through as many tests as I could. I tried to point out the pros and cons to point you in the right direction and to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Taking everything into account, I really like the bag and would have no problems recommending it to the guys I golf with. Is it right for everyone? I don’t think so. Could it work for a lot of people? Definitely.

Right off the bat, if you use a full set of clubs (13-14) then it probably won’t work for you. You might be able to squeeze them all in, but there will probably be a better fit out there.

If you only use 10 clubs or less (like me) then I think it could be an awesome bag for you. I like it because it’s lightweight for when I’m walking the par 3 courses. It’s also nice to be able to use one bag on the course, whether I’m walking or carting.

The El Camino by Sunday Golf is one of the best golf bags on the market, but that being said, it’s not perfect for everyone. Be sure to check out our full list of bags and which one will fit you the best.

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