Sunday Golf Big Rig Review: A Cart Bag For Space Seekers

You might be a bit surprised to see a full-sized cart bag from a company with the name of Sunday Golf.

Up until recently, Sunday Golf has sold what you’d expect, smaller bags. They started with a traditional Sunday bag, the Loma. Then they released a mid-sized bag, the El Camino. Finally, a full-sized bag, the Ryder.

To complete the lineup they’ve released the Big Rig, which could be their best release to date. It’s not going to be for everyone, but if you’re a traveler, a carter, or a gear enthusiast, it could be right for you.

Note: This review was written after using the Big Rig for 15 rounds of golf. As time goes on and we spend more time with it, we’ll continue to update this post with the pros and cons. You can see more about how we test HERE.

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Unboxing Video

Sunday Golf Big Rig: Unboxing & Initial Review

Sunday Golf Big Rig Product Details

The Looks

When I unboxed the Big Rig, the first thing that came to mind was, “Wow, that’s a lot of pockets.” The second was that it was probably the nicest (and highest quality) bag Sunday Golf has released.

Just a side note, this was the fourth Sunday Golf bag that I’ve owned.

I decided to go with the Midnight Green color, which I’m happy about. I thought the color might be a bit too light, but that wasn’t the case. I figured that a darker color would be easier to clean, and green had a bit more character compared to black.

If you don’t want green, you also have the option of almond (white/beige), light gray, and black.

When it comes to materials, most bags are made from nylon, canvas, or synthetic leather. The Big Rig (and the other Sunday Golf bags) are made from a nylon material that has a bit of a canvas feel.

Personally, I like synthetic leather a bit more because it looks higher quality and is easier to clean. The RevCore cart bag is an example. The downside is that it’s usually more expensive (and heavier).

Overall, the Big Rig is a very nice-looking bag. I had planned on using it myself, but as soon as my wife saw it, she took it for herself.

The Features

13-Way Top: Having good club dividers is one of the most important things when it comes to your bag. The Big Rig has a separate slot for each club (full-length), which makes it easier to put clubs in and take them out.

The downside to this type of bag is that your clubs move around more easily and can cause club clatter. It’s more of a factor in a carry/stand bag, but it’s something some people can’t stand.

The top divider is plastic, but it has a rubber coating around the edges that’ll help protect your clubs.

Jumbo Putter Slot: Most people have a jumbo grip on their putter, so having a bigger slot makes taking it in and out so much easier. Plus, it’s easier to access because it’s away from your other clubs.

Single Strap: Since you’ll be using a push/power cart for the course, having a double strap isn’t that important. The Big Rig has a single strap with a decent amount of padding.

Umbrella Holder: I don’t carry an umbrella on the course, but maybe you do. If that’s the case, you’ll have an actual compartment to hold it. It’s a lot better than the loop and string that most bags have.

3x Towel/Accessory Loop: One side of the bag will have 2 fabric loops and the other side will have a metal carabiner. One side could hold your towel and the other side could hold your speaker (if you’re one of those people).

4x Storage Pockets: Each side of the bag will have 2 storage pockets. One of them is smaller and the other one runs up the entire side of the bag. You can fit a pair of shoes and a jacket in the big pockets.

One of the pockets has a small mesh pocket with a zipper. I didn’t know what this was for at first, but after thinking about it, you could put an Apple AirTag in there in case your bag gets stolen.

Velcro Glove Holder: My hands sweat when I play golf. Having this helps them dry out a little bit compared to just throwing my glove in my back pocket.

Valuables Pocket: This is where you can put your wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, or anything else of value. It’s lined with a velour material that won’t scratch your stuff.

Magnetic Pocket: If you carry a rangefinder, having an easily accessed pocket is a super nice feature. Instead of having to open and close a zipper, you can toss your rangefinder in here.

Pass-Through Cart Strap: You can put the cart strap directly through the bag to make it more secure. Without this, the bag could twist a bit, especially on a pushcart.

Frosty Pocket: I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to spend $8 for a drink, so I’d way rather bring my own. What I do know is that you probably don’t like drinking something warm. This cooler pocket can fit 6-7 cans of your favorite beverage.

Note. The frosty pocket has a drain that first goes into the ball pocket and then out of the bag. An interesting design, but I guess it allows your balls to dry as well.

Ball Pocket: I lose my fair share of balls. That’s why it’s important to have a pocket that can fit a decent amount of balls. This one will fit a box of balls, which should be enough, hopefully.

Smell-Proof Pocket: The name is pretty self-explanatory. The only thing I’ve ever put in here was a bottle of sunscreen.

2x Pen/Pencil Holder: You can have a home for your scorecard pencil and Sharpie to mark your ball.

The Performance

Having a bag that looks cool and has all the features in the world is good and all, but it doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t perform well on the course.

The main thing I’d be looking at is whether or not the bag is functional. Are there annoying little details that I noticed on the course or was it actually designed well?

In terms of storage, there has been more than enough room for my stuff. I don’t normally take a whole lot and usually have unused pockets. I sometimes go on road trips where I’ll bring extra shoes, jackets, a tripod, and a few other things. All of those fit easily.

The 14-way top works well and I’ve never had any problems putting my clubs in or taking them out (I also tried with midsized grips). The only thing was the club clatter, but it wasn’t any different than other bags with this design.

If that’s something that’ll drive you insane, you can put your towel between the clubs and it’ll stop a bit of the noise.

The Quality

Other than how the bag actually performs on the course, the other super important thing is how well it’s built. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to spend a few hundred bucks on something that’ll only last a few seasons.

Obviously, I’ve only used the Big Rig for 5 or so rounds, so I don’t feel as though I’ve tested it out enough. That said, I’ll continue to use it and will update this post with anything I find.

What I can say is that I’ve used the other bags from Sunday Golf quite a bit. Easily over 50 rounds between them. The only issue I’ve noticed is that the legs could use some work. The Big Rig doesn’t have legs, so it’s not something to worry about.

The main quality concern you’d have with a golf bag is how durable the material and zippers are. With the other bags, none of those have been a problem. The material and zippers are pretty much the same, so I expect the Big Rig to be pretty solid.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Big Rig is a solid bag and is something I feel comfortable recommending. It’s a good-looking bag that has most of the features you’d be looking for. It performs well on the course and seems to be holding up nicely.

The choice comes down to what you’ll be using it for and your personal preferences.

Do you ALWAYS use a cart? If the answer is yes, a cart bag is the way to go. Are you fine with the 14-way top and nylon material? If the answer is yes, the Big Rig is worth considering.

If the answer to either of those questions is no, there are probably better options out there. If you want to see some alternative options, you can read our guide on our favorite golf bags HERE.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with the Big Rig bag, make sure to leave a comment below.

Sunday Golf Big Rig Discount

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