Golf Ball Information Chart (Layers, Spin, Compression)

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In this post, I’m going to be listing all the information about all of the latest golf balls. We’ll be covering layers, spin rate, compression, and other information you’d want to know about the most popular golf balls on the market.

Golf ball layers are how many pieces the ball is made from. Most balls these days are made from between 2 and 5 layers. 2 piece balls are generally cheaper and are designed for higher handicap or beginner golfers. They normally produce low spin and are great for golfers who hook or slice the ball. 3 piece balls have a bit more spin to them and 5 pieces usually have the most.

Golf ball spin is how much spin the ball will have. Low spin balls are designed for the average player who hooks or slices the ball often. Medium spin balls are designed for the player who wants a bit more spin to stop the ball on the green or draw/fade the ball. High spin balls are designed for scratch players who want the most control over the ball.

Golf ball compression is how much force it takes to properly compress the ball. Low compression balls are designed for average players who don’t have the fastest swing speed. They’re much easier to keep straight and most people will get the most distance out of them. If you have faster swing speeds then you might benefit more from a higher compression ball.


Golf BallLayersSpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedWho’s It ForPrice
Bridgestone Tour B X3 PieceHighMedium (85)Mid105+ MPHAdvanced$44.99
Bridgestone Tour B XS3 PieceHighMedium (85)Soft105+ MPHAdvanced$44.99
Bridgestone Tour B RX3 PieceHighLow (65)Mid90-105 MPHIntermediate/Advanced$44.99
Bridgestone Tour B RXS3 PieceHighLow (65)Soft90-105 MPHIntermediate/Advanced$44.99
Bridgestone e12 Soft3 PieceMidLow (50)Soft90-105 MPHIntermediate$29.99
Bridgestone e12 Speed3 PieceMidMedium (75)Mid105+ MPHIntermediate/Advanced$29.99
Bridgestone e12 Contact3 PieceMidMedium (70)Soft90-105 MPHIntermediate$29.99
Bridgestone e62 PieceLowLow (45)Soft90-105 MPHIntermediate$21.99
Bridgestone Lady Precept2 PieceLowLow (50)SoftUnder 90 MPHWoman/Senior$19.99
Bridgestone Laddie Extreme2 PieceLowLowSoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner$17.99


Golf BallLayersSpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedWho’s It ForPrice
Callaway Chrome Soft4 PieceHighMedium (75)Soft90-100 MPHIntermediate$47.99
Callaway Chrome Soft X4 PieceHighHigh (90)Soft105+ MPHAdvanced$47.99
Callaway ERC Soft2 PieceMidLow (60)SoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner/Intermediate$34.99
Callaway Supersoft2 PieceMidLow (40)SoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner/Intermediate$22.99
Callaway Supersoft Magma2 PieceMidLow (40)SoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner$22.99
Callaway Superhot3 PieceMidMid (70)Soft90-100 MPHBeginner/Intermediate$24.99
Callaway Warbird2 PieceMidHigh (90)MidUnder 95 MPHIntermediate$17.99
Callaway Strata Eagle3 PieceLowMidMidUnder 95 MPHIntermediate$14.99


Golf BallLayersSpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedWho’s It ForPrice
Cut DC4 PieceHighHigh (105)Firm100+ MPHAdvanced$29.95
Cut Blue4 PieceHighHigh (90)Mid100+ MPHAdvanced$19.95
Cut Grey3 PieceMidMedium (80)Mid90-100 MPHIntermediate$19.95
Cut Red2 PieceLowLow (60)MidUnder 90 MPHBeginner/Intermediate$9.95
Cut Matte3 PieceMidLow (65)Mid90-100 MPHIntermediate$19.95


Golf BallLayersSpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedWho’s It ForPrice
Mizuno RB Tour4 PieceHighHigh (90)Soft95-105 MPHAdvanced$43.00
Mizuno RB Tour X4 PieceHighHigh (110)Soft105+ MPHAdvanced$43.00
Mizuno RB 5662 PieceMidLowSoft85-95 MPHIntermediate$43.00
Mizuno RB 566 V3 PieceHighLowSoft90-95 MPHIntermediate$43.00


Golf BallLayersSpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedWho’s It ForPrice
Snell MTB-X3 PieceMidHigh (90)Firm90-105 MPHAdvanced$44.99
Snell MTB-Black3 PieceMidMedium (80)Mid90-105 MPHIntermediate$44.99
Snell Get Sum2 PieceLowLowSoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner$27.99


Golf BallLayersSpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedWho’s It ForPrice
Srixon Z-Star3 PieceHighHigh (90)Mid90-105 MPHAdvanced$39.99
Srixon Z-Star XV4 PieceHighHigh (100)Mid105+ MPHAdvanced$39.99
Srixon Q-Star2 PieceMidMedium (75)Mid90-105 MPHIntermediate$26.99
Srixon Q-Star Tour3 PieceMidMedium (70)Soft90-105 MPHAdvanced$26.99
Srixon Soft Feel2 PieceMidLow (60)SoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner/Intermediate$19.99


Golf BallLayersSpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedWho’s It ForPrice
Taylormade TP55 PieceHighMedium (80)Soft90-105 MPHAdvanced$44.99
Taylormade TP5X5 PieceHighHigh (90)Soft105+ MPHAdvanced$44.99
Taylormade TP5 Pix5 PieceHighMedium (85)Soft90-105 MPHAdvanced$44.99
Taylormade TP5X Pix5 PieceHighHigh (100)Soft105+ MPHAdvanced$44.99
Taylormade Tour Response3 PieceHighMedium (70)Soft90-105 MPHIntermediate$34.99
Taylormade Project (a)3 PieceMidMedium (70)Mid90-105 MPHIntermediate$34.99
Taylormade Soft Response3 PieceMidLowSoft90-105 MPHIntermediate$24.99
Taylormade Noodle Long And Soft2 PieceLowLow (35)SoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner$21.99


Golf BallLayersSpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedWho’s It ForPrice
Titleist Pro V13 PieceHighHigh (90)Soft95-105 MPHIntermediate/Advanced$52.00
Titleist Pro V1X4 PieceHighHigh (100)Mid105+ MPHAdvanced$52.00
Titleist AVX3 PieceHighMedium (80)Soft90-105 MPHIntermediate/Advanced$52.00
Titleist Tour Speed3 PieceMidMedium (80)Mid90-105 MPHIntermediate$52.00
Titleist Tour Soft2 PieceLowLow (65)SoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner/Intermediate$38.00
Titleist Velocity2 PieceLowMediumMid90-105 MPHBeginner/Intermediate$29.00
Titleist TruFeel2 PieceLowLowSoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner/Intermediate$24.99


Golf BallLayersSpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedWho’s It ForPrice
Vice Pro3 PieceHighLowMid95-110 MPHIntermediate/Advanced$34.95
Vice Pro Soft3 PieceHighLowSoftUnder 95 MPHIntermediate$34.95
Vice Pro Plus4 PieceHighHighMid110+ MPHAdvanced$34.95
Vice Tour3 PieceMidLowMid90-100 MPHBeginner/Intermediate$21.95
Vice Drive2 PieceLowLowSoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner$14.95


Golf BallLayersSpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedWho’s It ForPrice
Volvik Vivid3 PieceMidMedium (80)MidUnder 90 MPHBeginner/Intermediate$27.99
Volvik Vivid Lite3 PieceLowMedium (75)MidUnder 90 MPHBeginner/Intermediate$27.99
Volvik S33 PieceHighMedium (85)Mid95-105 MPHIntermediate/Advanced$49.99
Volvik S44 PieceHighHigh (95)Mid105+ MPHAdvanced$49.99
Volvik Crystal3 PieceLowHighFirmUnder 90 MPHBeginner$27.99
Volvik Solice3 PieceMidMediumMidUnder 95 MPHIntermediate$37.99
Volvik Power Soft2 PieceLowMedium (70)SoftUnder 95 MPHBeginner$17.99
Volvik ViMax Soft2 PieceLowMedium (75)SoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner$19.99
Volvik XT Soft3 PieceMidMedium (70)MidUnder 90 MPHIntermediate$37.99
Volvik XT AMT3 PieceMidHigh (90)FirmUnder 95 MPHIntermediate$34.99


Golf BallLayersSpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedWho’s It ForPrice
Wilson Staff Model4 PieceHighHighMid105+ MPHAdvanced$34.99
Wilson Duo Professional3 PieceHighLow (60)Mid90-105 MPHIntermediate$34.99
Wilson Duo Soft+2 PieceLowLow (35)SoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner$19.99
Wilson Duo Optix2 PieceLowLow (30)MidUnder 90 MPHBeginner$19.99
Wilson Fifty Elite2 PieceMidLow (50)SoftUnder 90 MPHBeginner$12.99
Wilson Zip2 PieceMidLowMid90-105 MPHBeginner$24.99
Wilson Tour Velocity Distance2 PieceLowMediumFirmUnder 90 MPHBeginner$14.99
Wilson Tour Velocity Feel2 PieceLowMediumFirmUnder 90 MPHBeginner$14.99

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