Golf Ball Comparison Chart (Compression, Layers, Spin)

In this post, I’m going to be listing all the information about all of the latest golf balls. We’ll be covering layers, spin rate, compression, and other information you’d want to know about the most popular golf balls on the market.

Golf ball compression chart: This is how much force it takes to compress the ball. Low compression balls are for average players who don’t have the fastest swing speed. They’re much easier to keep straight and most people will get the most distance out of them. If you have faster swing speeds then you might benefit more from a higher compression ball. Learn more about golf ball compression here.

Golf ball spin chart: This is how much the ball will spin. Low spin balls are for the average player who hooks or slices the ball often. Medium spin balls are for the player who wants a bit more spin to stop the ball on the green or draw/fade the ball. High spin balls are for scratch players who want the most control over the ball. Learn more about golf ball spin here.

Golf ball layers chart: This is how many pieces the ball is made from. 2 piece balls are cheaper and are designed for higher handicap or beginner golfers. They normally produce low spin and are great for golfers who hook or slice the ball. 3 or 4 piece golf balls have a bit more spin and 5 piece golf balls usually have the most. See more about the golf ball layers here.

Feel: This is how soft or hard the ball feels at impact. It doesn’t have a huge impact on the performance but everyone will prefer something slightly different. Learn more about hard vs soft golf balls here.

Golf ball handicap chart: This is your current skill level and which ball might be the best fit. High handicaps are anyone who shoots above 90. Mid handicappers generally shoot in the 80s while low handicaps shoot in the 70s.

Golf ball cover chart: This is the type of cover the golf ball has. Urethane balls are typically more expensive, have higher spin rates, and can be softer. Learn more about urethane vs ionomer vs Surlyn.

Golf ball swing speed chart: This is how fast you swing the club, and it has a pretty big impact on what ball you should be playing. If you don’t swing the club fast enough, you might get zero height or distance. If you swing the club too fast, the ball will balloon up in the air and you’ll also get no distance.

Here’s a general chart for what your swing speed might be:

Average Driver DistanceSwing Speed
205 Yards80 MPH
230 Yards90 MPH
260 Yards100 MPH
Source: Average Driver Distance By Age

Pro Tip: Picking the right golf ball for your skill level and swing speed is super important if you want to put up better scores. If you’re wondering what ball is right for you, check out one of the articles below:

In the comments below, let me know if there’s a ball that’s not on the list or if any changes need to be made.

Bridgestone Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapRelease Price
Bridgestone Tour B X3UrethaneHighHigh (98)Mid105+ MPHLow$44.99
Bridgestone Tour B XS3UrethaneHighMedium (85)Soft105+ MPHLow$44.99
Bridgestone Tour B RX3UrethaneHighMedium (75)MidUnder 105 MPHLow$44.99
Bridgestone Tour B RXS3UrethaneHighLow (65)SoftUnder 105 MPHLow$44.99
Bridgestone e12 Soft3SurlynMidLow (50)SoftUnder 105 MPHMid$29.99
Bridgestone e12 Speed3SurlynMidMedium (75)Mid105+ MPHMid$29.99
Bridgestone e12 Contact3IonomerMidLow (60)SoftUnder 105 MPHMid$29.99
Bridgestone e62IonomerLowLow (45)SoftUnder 105 MPHHigh$21.99
Bridgestone Lady Precept2IonomerLowLow (50)SoftUnder 90 MPHHigh$19.99
Bridgestone Laddie Extreme2IonomerLowLowSoftUnder 90 MPHHigh$17.99
More Info: Best Bridgestone Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapRelease Price
Callaway Chrome Soft3UrethaneHighMedium (75)SoftUnder 100 MPHLow$47.99
Callaway Chrome Soft X4UrethaneHighHigh (95)Mid105+ MPHLow$47.99
Callaway Chrome Soft X LS4UrethaneHighHigh (100)Mid105+ MPHLow$47.99
Callaway ERC Soft3HybridMidLow (60)SoftUnder 95 MPHMid$34.99
Callaway Supersoft2HybridLowLow (40)SoftUnder 90 MPHHigh$22.99
Callaway Supersoft Max2HybridLowLow (30)SoftUnder 85 MPHHigh$22.99
Callaway Superfast2HybridLowLowSoftUnder 95 MPHHigh$29.99
Callaway Superhot3IonomerMidLow (70)SoftUnder 90 MPHHigh$24.99
Callaway Warbird2IonomerMidHigh (90)MidUnder 95 MPHMid$17.99
Callaway Strata Eagle2IonomerLowLowMidUnder 90 MPHHigh$14.99
Callaway Reva2IonomerLowLow (30)SoftUnder 85 MPHHigh$24.99
More Info: Best Callaway Golf Balls

Cut Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapReleased Price
Cut DC4UrethaneHighHigh (105)Firm105+ MPHLow$29.95
Cut Blue4UrethaneHighHigh (90)MidUnder 105 MPHLow$19.95
Cut Grey3UrethaneMidMedium (80)SoftUnder 100 MPHMid$19.95
Cut Red2IonomerLowLow (60)SoftUnder 90 MPHHigh$9.95
Cut Matte3IonomerMidLow (65)MidUnder 100 MPHMid$19.95

Mizuno Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapRelease Price
Mizuno RB Tour4UrethaneHighHigh (90)SoftUnder 105 MPHLow$43.00
Mizuno RB Tour X4UrethaneHighHigh (110)Mid105+ MPHLow$43.00
Mizuno RB 5662IonomerLowLowMidUnder 95 MPHHigh$22.00
Mizuno RB 566 V3IonomerMidLowMidUnder 95 MPHMid$30.00

Snell Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapRelease Price
Snell MTB-X3UrethaneHighHigh (95)Firm105+ MPHLow$44.99
Snell MTB-Black3UrethaneMidMedium (85)SoftUnder 105 MPHLow$44.99
Snell Get Sum2SurlynLowLowSoftUnder 90 MPHHigh$27.99

PXG Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapRelease Price
PXG Xtreme Premium3UrethaneHighHigh (~92)Medium100+ MPHMid-Low$39.99

Srixon Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapRelease Price
Srixon Z-Star3UrethaneHighHigh (90)SoftUnder 105 MPHLow$39.99
Srixon Z-Star XV4UrethaneMidHigh (95)Mid100+ MPHLow$39.99
Srixon Z-Star Diamond3UrethaneHighHigh (100)Mid105+ MPHLow$44.99
Srixon Q-Star2IonomerLowMedium (72)MidUnder 95 MPHMid$27.99
Srixon Q-Star Tour3UrethaneMidMedium (72)SoftUnder 95 MPHMid$34.99
Srixon Soft Feel2IonomerLowLow (60)SoftUnder 90 MPHHigh$19.99
More Info: Best Srixon Golf Balls

Taylormade Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapRelease Price
Taylormade TP55UrethaneHighMedium (87)SoftUnder 105 MPHLow$44.99
Taylormade TP5X5UrethaneHighHigh (98)Mid105+ MPHLow$44.99
Taylormade TP5 Pix5UrethaneHighMedium (87)SoftUnder 105 MPHLow$44.99
Taylormade TP5X Pix5UrethaneHighHigh (98)Mid105+ MPHLow$44.99
Taylormade Tour Response3UrethaneMidMedium (71)SoftUnder 100 MPHMid$34.99
Taylormade Project (a)3UrethaneMidMedium (70)MidUnder 100 MPHMid$34.99
Taylormade Soft Response3IonomerLowLow (50)SoftUnder 95 MPHHigh$24.99
Taylormade Noodle Long And Soft2SurlynLowLow (35)SoftUnder 90 MPHHigh$21.99
Taylormade Distance+2IonomerLowMedium (77)MidUnder 100 MPHHigh$19.99

Titleist Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapRelease Price
Titleist Pro V13UrethaneHighMedium (87)SoftUnder 105 MPHLow$52.00
Titleist Pro V1x4UrethaneHighHigh (97)Firm105+ MPHLow$52.00
Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash4UrethaneHighHigh (102)Firm105+ MPHLow$50.00
Titleist Pro V1x Left Dot3UrethaneHighHigh (90)SoftUnder 105 MPHLow$50.00
Titleist AVX3UrethaneHighMedium (80)SoftUnder 105 MPHLow-Mid$52.00
Titleist Tour Speed3UrethaneMidMedium (80)MidUnder 100 MPHMid$52.00
Titleist Tour Soft2IonomerMidLow (65)SoftUnder 95 MPHHigh$38.00
Titleist Velocity2SurlynLowLow (65)MidUnder 95 MPHHigh$29.00
Titleist TruFeel2HybridLowLowerSoftUnder 95 MPHHigh$24.99

Vice Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapRelease Price
Vice Pro3UrethaneHighMid (85)Soft95-110 MPHLow$34.95
Vice Pro Soft3UrethaneHighMid (70)SoftUnder 95 MPHLow$34.95
Vice Pro Plus4UrethaneHighHigh (95)Firm110+ MPHLow$34.95
Vice Pro Zero3UrethaneHighMidMidUnder 100 MPHLow-Mid$30.99
Vice Tour3SurlynMidLowMidUnder 100 MPHMid-High$21.95
Vice Drive2SurlynLowLow (50)SoftUnder 95 MPHHigh$14.95

Volvik Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapRelease Price
Volvik Vivid3IonomerMidMid (75)MidUnder 100 MPHMid$27.99
Volvik S33UrethaneHighMid (85)SoftUnder 105 MPHLow$49.99
Volvik S44UrethaneHighHigh (95)Firm105+ MPHLow$49.99
Volvik Crystal3SurlynMidMid (75)SoftUnder 90 MPHMid$27.99
Volvik Power Soft2IonomerLowMidSoftUnder 95 MPHHigh$17.99
Volvik ViMax Soft2IonomerLowMid (75)SoftUnder 95 MPHHigh$19.99
Volvik XT Soft3UrethaneMidLow (65)SoftUnder 90 MPHMid$37.99
Volvik XT AMT3IonomerMidHigh (90)FirmUnder 105 MPHMid$34.99
Volvik Magma3IonomerLowHigh (90)MidUnder 90 MPHHigh$29.99

Wilson Golf Ball Chart

LayersCoverShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing SpeedHandicapRelease Price
Wilson Staff Model4UrethaneHighHigh (100)Firm105+ MPHLow$49.99
Wilson Staff Model R4UrethaneHighHigh (100)Firm105+ MPHLow$49.99
Wilson Triad3UrethaneMidMid (85)SoftUnder 100 MPHMid$39.99
Wilson Triad R3UrethaneMidMidSoftUnder 100 MPHMid$39.99
Wilson Duo Soft+2SurlynLowLow (35)SoftUnder 90 MPHHigh$19.99
Wilson Duo Optix2SurlynLowLow (40)MidUnder 90 MPHHigh$19.99
Wilson Fifty Elite2SurlynMidLow (50)SoftUnder 95 MPHHigh$12.99
Wilson Zip2SurlynMidLow (50)MidUnder 95 MPHHigh$24.99
Wilson Tour Velocity Distance2SurlynLowMid (85)MidUnder 100 MPHHigh$14.99
Wilson Tour Velocity Feel2SurlynLowLow (65)FirmUnder 95 MPHHigh$14.99
More Info: Best Wilson Golf Balls

Note. This article is part of our series on which golf ball should you use. If you want to know all the ins and outs about golf balls, the pros and cons of each, and what’s best for you, go check that out.

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