Why Are Scotty Cameron Putters So Expensive?

I’ve always been against spending top dollars on golf equipment, especially when it comes to my putter. I know it’s an important club but is it really worth that kind of money? In this post, I’m going to be talking about why Scotty Cameron putters are so expensive and whether or not they’re worth it.

Scotty Cameron putters are that expensive because they can be. Golfers are willing to pay crazy amounts of money for the latest and greatest technology and Scotty Cameron is supplying that market. They’re made from premium materials, they feel super good, and they’re the most customizable putter on the market. That’s great and all but the sad reality is that these putters will NOT improve your game.

That’s just my personal opinion. If you have a bunch of money to spend then why not give one a try? They do feel better than any other putter out there and you can customize the colors and get it personalized.

Just be prepared for your golf game to stay the same. If you’re just an average golfer who doesn’t have piles of money then don’t even think about it.

Have you ever used a Scotty putter? In the comments below, let me know if you think it’s worth the price.

What Makes Scotty Cameron So Expensive?

Scotty Cameron Putters - Why Are They So Expensive? & Are They Worth The Money?!

Scotty Cameron putters are priced well over $300 and are the most expensive putters on the market. That might seem a bit crazy but it’s not so bad considering your driver probably cost you more.

They are a lot more than other putters though and you’d probably expect the thing to putt for you. What actually makes them so expensive?

The first thing is the materials they’re made from. They use pretty expensive materials to build their putters and that’s what gives them a solid feel.

There really isn’t anything that feels as good as a Scotty Cameron putter and that’s enough for a lot of people to get one. It might help give you a bit of confidence on the greens but I don’t think that’s enough to help someone’s game.

The second thing is customization. You’re able to send your putter in and get just about everything customized.

You can pick whatever colors you want, you can get your initials put on the putter, and you can get a custom grip as well. Some people love this concept and are completely willing to pay for it. I am not one of those people.

Why Are Scotty Cameron Putters So Expensive

Will A Scotty Cameron Improve Your Game?

I can’t speak for you personally but in my opinion, having a Scotty Cameron putter will not improve your game. The only difference between one and a normal putter is the material quality and customization.

Those aren’t things that will impact your game whatsoever. If someone tells you otherwise, there’s probably some sort of incentive there.

If you’re a pro then you’ll want a putter that feels the absolute best it can and it might be for you. If you’re anyone else, expect your putting level to stay exactly where it is.

Those are just my honest thoughts.

I did some testing with a Scotty and a couple of other putters. I made sure they had the same grip and were the same length.

I hit 10 balls with each putter from different locations and distances. I know it’s not a huge sample size to go off, but my results were no better and no worse compared to the others.

If you are in the market for a new putter but don’t want to spend a fortune, you can see our favorites of this year by clicking the links below. They’re all cheaper than the Scotty and performed just as well for me.

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