Toe Hang Putters: We Reveal Our 3 Favorites Of 2024

If you’re someone who opens and closes the putter face during your swing, you’ll probably want to use a toe-balanced putter. There are a bunch of good options out there but this post will cover our three favorites.

Here are the 3 best toe-hang putters:

  1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Tuttle Flow (best overall putter)
  2. Wilson Infinite (best budget-friendly)
  3. Taylormade Spider FCG L-Neck (Odyssey alternative)

If I put more on an arc and was in the market for a new putter, these are the ones I’d consider. They’re all really solid, can work for all skill levels, and the one you go with will depend on your budget.

What Is A Toe Hang Putter?

A toe hang putter has a bit more weight in the toe and that’ll help you open and close the putter face more during your stroke. This will help you close the face more at impact.

The way you can easily tell if it’s a toe hang putter is by resting the shaft on your finger. If the toe points down then it’s a toe hang. If the face points up then it’s face balanced.

The reason toe-balanced putters point toward the ground is that they have a bit more weight in the toe. This is what helps the face square at impact.

Toe hang putters can be either be blades or mallets. The head shape really doesn’t matter much. For most mid to high handicaps, a mallet-style head will probably be more consistent.

Another way to tell the difference between them is by looking at the shaft. It’s not the best way to tell, but if you’re looking online, sometimes it doesn’t say. Here’s a picture that will show the difference:

A lot of the time, toe hang putters will have a bigger hosel. If you look at the picture above, the shaft on the face-balanced putter goes straight into the putter head. The toe hang model has a black hosel between the shaft and the head.

If you bring the putter straight back and straight through then you’ll want to get a face-balanced putter. We have a separate article on that and I think one of those will be way more consistent for you.

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What Is The Advantage Of A Toe-Hang Putter?

A toe hang putter is going to help you square the putter face at impact if your stroke has an arc to it. This will benefit you if you tend to push the ball away from you.

I’ve noticed that the majority of mid to high handicaps hit the ball fairly straight. Again, if that’s the case, go with a face-balanced putter.

An easy way to tell if you need a toe hang putter is by looking at your common miss. If you’re a right-handed putter, do you normally miss the hole left or right?

If you miss to the right a lot then that means your face of open at impact. A putter that’s easier to close (aka toe hang) will help you sink more putts.

If you miss a lot of putts to the left then that means your face is too closed. A toe-hang putter won’t be ideal for that since you want your face a bit more open.

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Best Toe Balanced Putters

I’ve tried a number of different putters over the years and most of them have been pretty good actually. I wanted to narrow things down to only three so it would make your choice a little easier.

I really don’t think there’s reason to go out and spend top dollar on the latest and greatest putter. Maybe if you’re a scratch golfer, but for everyone else, one that’s a year or two old is perfect.

If you’re a beginner or high handicapper then I’d probably go with the budget option. You don’t have to but I don’t see a more expensive option giving you any advantages.

Odyssey Stroke Lab (My #1 Pick)

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters Review

If you’re a low to mid handicap or you just want the best of the best option, this will be for you. It’s my favorite putter and it comes in a number of designs (both face and toe balanced).

The reason I have this putter ranked #1 is that it has a better feel off the face compared to the Wilson putter and it’s $100 cheaper than the Taylormade.

There are a number of different designs to pick from but my favorite would have to be the Tuttle Flow (weird name, I know). Here are the other models that are toe balanced:

  • Black One
  • Black Ten S
  • Seven S
  • V-Line S
  • One

It really comes down to what design looks best to your eyes. I went from a blade style to a mallet style and I got the hang of it after a few rounds (mallet was way better for me, by the way).

For the grip, you have the choice between pistol and jumbo. The pistol grip is slightly bigger than your standard grip and the jumbo grip is similar to a jumbo SuperStroke grip.

I liked the jumbo grip more and I think it’s the choice for mid to high handicaps and beginners. It’ll stop you from having too much wrist movement in your swing.

One thing to be aware of is that this putter is a little bit on the firm side. It doesn’t really impact performance but some people prefer a softer-feeling putter.

I do myself, but it’s not worth the extra $100 bucks (in my opinion). The Spider had a softer face and if that’s really important for you, maybe go with that putter.

Other than that and the price, both the Stroke Lab and Spider were pretty similar. The weight and balance were perfect, the grip was solid, and the ball rolled smoothly on the green.

Check The Price On Amazon

Check The Price On Global Golf


  • Around 100 bucks cheaper than the Spider
  • It felt solid and controlled the ball well
  • The grip it comes with is high quality


  • The face isn’t as soft as the Spider (could be a pro for you)

Wilson Infinite

The model shown above is face-balanced

If you’re a mid to high handicap or you don’t want to spend much money, this will be the one for you. It’s the cheapest putter on the list but that doesn’t mean it won’t perform well.

It’s not the best option out there but it’s definitely the best putter at this price point (and is the one I’m currently playing). One thing to note is that the picture above (and the one I’m using) only has a slight toe hang. That being said, there are other designs that have more.

Here are the toe hang models:

  • Grant Park
  • Windy City
  • Michigan Avenue
  • The L

Again, there are a number of designs to pick from but not all are toe-balanced. I prefer mallet putters over blade putters, but the most popular Infinite putter is the traditional blade design.

All models of the Infinite come with a Wilson jumbo grip, which is actually pretty nice (I’ve used a SuperStroke as well). I prefer the jumbo grip and I think most “average” players would agree.

The face is more on the firmer side and it did take a bit of time to get used to. My previous putter was an older Odyssey model that had a softer face. After playing a few rounds with it, I actually like the way it feels off the face and my consistency has gotten a lot better.


  • The value for the price is perfect
  • The standard grip is really nice
  • The balance and feel are exactly what I’m looking for


  • The alignment aid isn’t that great
  • The ball comes off the face hot (some might like this)

Taylormade Spider FCG

TaylorMade Spider FCG Golf Putter

If you want the highest quality putter but prefer something a bit softer, this will be the one for you. It’s very similar to the Stroke Lab but the main differences are the face and the price.

It has a bit of a softer feel to it at impact and I actually do like it more myself. Some people won’t like this but it’s all personal preference.

The thing that made me not like this quite as much is the price tag, It’s around 100 bucks more than the Odyssey and that was enough for me not to get it.

It might be worth it to you, and if that’s the case, you’ll get yourself a really solid putter. The putter head is the same on all models, but that shaft is different. Here are the toe-balanced options:

  • L-Neck Hosel
  • Short Slant Hosel

The short slant hosel has 46 degrees of toe hang and is for the golfer who arcs the putter a whole lot. It wasn’t the best for my swing but for those of you who rotate the club a lot, it’ll be the right one.

The L-Neck hosel has 25 degrees of toe hang and is best for the golfer who has less arc in their swing. This one did perform better for me and I think it’s the one for the majority of golfers.

All in all, this putter is solid all around, it comes with a bigger SuperStroke grip, and it can be used by all skill levels. If the price was a bit better this could easily be one of the best putters on the market.

Check The Price On Amazon

Check The Price On Global Golf


  • The ball comes smoothly off the face
  • The stock grip is perfect
  • The alignment aid is really helpful


  • The price tag

Which Putter Is Right For You?

Taking into account everything we talked about I really don’t think you could go wrong with any of these. The one you end up going with will depend on the feel you like and your budget.

If you’re a mid to high handicap, the best option will probably be the Wilson Infinite. It’s 80% as good as the other two and the price won’t hurt the wallet as much. It’s the putter I’m currently using myself (the face-balanced model though).

If you’re better than the average player and like a firmer-feeling putter, the Odyssey Stroke Lab will be perfect for you. It’s my favorite high-end putter and would highly recommend it.

If you’re a better player and prefer a softer-feeling putter, the Taylormade Spider will be for you. It’s very similar to the Odyssey but the price tag was a little bit of a put-off for me.

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