Should You Use An Oversize Putter Grip?

Jumbo grips seem to be one of the more popular products in the golf world these days but are they just another gimmick? I’ve been using them for a couple of years now and in this post, I’m going to be talking about whether or not you should use an oversize putter grip.

Long story short, I think you’ll benefit from using an oversized putter grip. There are very few downsides to putting one on and it’s been able to improve my consistency on the green. An oversized grip will help you relax your hands and make a smoother swing which will help with accuracy and distance control. I’d never switch back to a normal size.

Should You Use An Oversize Putter Grip

If you are still on the fence then I’d recommend you go to your local golf shop and give one a try. I’ve never talked to someone who didn’t like their jumbo grip and if you’re an average golfer who struggles on the green then why not try it? If you’re draining putts left, right, and center then why are you reading this?

Benefits Of An Oversize Grip

Like I was saying before, I think there are a lot of benefits to switching to an oversized grip. I struggled big-time with consistency with my standard grip and switching made me feel a lot more comfortable.

I think anything you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable the better (on the green and anywhere else on the course). I’m sure you’ve stood over the ball and something didn’t feel right. Normally the shot doesn’t go well.

It’s not going to magically fix your bad swing but I do think it’ll make you feel more confident on the green. Since the grips are bigger, you’ll be able to keep your hands closer together (instead of one hand lower) and that’ll help level out your shoulders. This should help you strike the ball more consistently.

When your shoulders are more square, it’ll let you swing more with your shoulders and less with your hands. A lot of people will have their hands behind the face at impact and that’ll make the ball jump. Fixing this will make the ball roll smoother and you’ll make more putts.

I’m not saying it’s going to help you as it helped me but I do think more people than not prefer them. Having one will be especially useful if you do have shaky hands. That’s why I’d recommend you head on down to your golf shop and give it a try.

Not only are oversized grips useful on a putter, having larger grips on your other clubs could benefit you as well. If you’re curious, check out our guide on understanding golf grip size.

Cons Of An Oversize Grip

I’ll start off by saying, the pros definitely outweigh the cons in my mind but one of the downsides to using a jumbo grip comes with a long putt. When you’re first getting used to one you’ll feel like you really have to smack the ball on the longer putts. I left a lot of putts short the first few times I used one but quickly got the hang of it.

Putts within 10 feet were great but when you get into the 25 to 30-foot mark then it becomes a bit trickier. I think the reason is that you don’t get as much feedback with these bigger grips because they take some of the feel away from the hands and wrist.

It’s something new though and just like anything else, it’ll take some time getting used to it. If I try to use a standard grip now it’ll feel way off and I always seem to miss the putt long. Other than that, I can’t think of or have heard any other downsides to switching to a bigger grip. Some guys are even using a thicker grip on all their clubs so clearly something is working.

What’s The Best Way To Grip Them?

There are a number of ways you can hold an oversized grip and it’ll all come down to trial and error. A lot of people don’t use the same grip as they did before because something new feels more comfortable. You can hold it like you normally would, have a backward grip, or even place your thumbs together (like in the video).

I putt left-handed and the way I’ve had the best results with is by having my left hand an inch or so lower than my right. I’ve tried having my left hand lower (like your standard grip), having my right hand lower, and having my hands level. Having my hands level was a close second but I felt the most comfortable with my left hand slightly lower.

What Is The Best Grip?

I’ve tried a few different grips out there and they’re all pretty good. It’s just a grip so it’s not that big of a deal but the one I use is from Super Stroke. I think they’re the most popular brand out there and I’ve had no issues with mine.

You can get a bunch of different sizes and the one I went with was somewhere in the middle. There are Super Stroke grips that are smaller and some that are bigger. Again, I’d recommend you go try them out to see what’s best for you.

I think most people go with the medium version like myself. This is the one I’ve been using. As I said, there are different sizes and different brands out there but this is the one I’ve always used.

Also, picking the right putter for your game is super important and is overlooked by most golfers. You need to consider the type of head and hosel when making your decisions. To learn more, check out one of these articles:

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