Chrome Soft vs Supersoft: What’s The Best Ball For Mid To High Handicaps

Did you know that playing the right golf ball for your game can have a big impact on how you score? Most people don’t and it’s crazy because it’s such a simple way to improve your game. In this post, I’m going to be comparing the Callaway Chrome Soft to the Callaway Supersoft and seeing which ball is better for mid handicaps and which is better for high handicaps.

The majority of golfers out there will either play whatever ball they can find on the course or will use the same balls they see on tv. Tiger might shoot 2 under par while you shoot 20 over par. You two probably SHOULDN’T be using the same golf ball. Certain balls will launch higher, some will have more distance for slower swing speeds, and some will have a lot more curve than others.

I took both of these balls to the course and played a few holes to find out any major differences between them. It was pretty clear to me which ball would be better for the average weekend player and which would perform better for the better golfer.

Have you used both of these balls? In the comments, what differences did you notice and which did you prefer?

Chrome Soft & Supersoft Specs

Chrome SoftSupersoft
CompressionMedium (75)Low (40)
Driver SpinLowLow
Wedge SpinHighMid
ProsMore spin on green
Higher launching
ConsMore expensive
Lower launch
More curve
Little wedge spin
Who’s It ForMid HandicapHigh Handicap
Chrome Soft ReviewSupersoft Review

Chrome Soft vs Supersoft: Feel

How the golf ball feels isn’t really something that impacts performance but it is something that can improve confidence. I’m sure you’ve hit a few balls that felt like rocks while others feel like you’re hitting a sponge. Both of those aren’t ideal and that’s why we want to play a ball that’s somewhere in the middle.

Some people prefer balls that are slightly softer and some people like something a bit more firm. It’s pretty much whatever you personally like but I tend to lean a bit more to the softer side. I just like how the ball feels coming off the tee and on the green.

Obviously, both these balls have “soft” in the name so I’m guessing you already know what end of the range they’re at. All in all, though, I did like the feel of them both but would have to give the edge to the Supersoft.

I don’t know if I’d say it’s a softer ball but it did feel super solid coming off the club. Every time I hit the ball it almost felt like it launched off the face. The Chrome Soft was good as well but not quite as solid as the Supersoft.

Same on the green. I really liked how the Supersoft felt and would have to give it the edge there as well. I did make a few more putts with the Supersoft but that was just a coincidence (I think).

Winner: Supersoft.

Chrome Soft vs Supersoft: Distance

After testing out both balls, it was pretty clear that the Supersoft had a bit more distance. It wasn’t a huge amount but would say it was somewhere around 10 yards further on average. I can’t say for sure that it’ll be the same for you but that’s something I noticed right away.

This is probably the main thing the average player will look at. Everyone wants to increase distance and it is important that you pick the right ball for your swing. The compression rating on the Supersoft is lower and that could have been the difference.

On the first hole, the Supersoft ended up way ahead of the Chrome Soft. The reason that happened was that I completely mishit the Chrome Soft. It ended up in the fairway but it was a low runner that wasn’t very pretty looking. The second shot also had the Supersoft going a bit longer as well.

On the second hole, I hit both balls well but the Chrome Soft was around 10 yards shorter. Both balls landed and ran out a little bit so it’s tough to say how they compared for carrying distance. The same thing happened on the second shot though so it’s pretty clear to me which is longer.

On the third hole, both shots were pretty much perfect and the distance was very similar. This was a par 3 and both balls were within 15 feet of the hole. I barely missed the first shot but managed to drain the second.

On the last hole, I did hit the Chrome Soft a little fat and that’s why it was noticeably shorter. Not sure the reason but I mishit the Chrome Soft a lot more it seems. Again, this might not be the case for you but there’s a good chance of it if you’re the average weekend hacker. That being said, distance isn’t the only thing you should be looking at.

Winner: Supersoft.

Chrome Soft vs Supersoft: Accuracy

If you were to ask me, I think more people should be willing to give up some distance if they can hit the fairway more often. I know it’s cool to drive the ball 300 but is it really that cool if you’re hitting your second shot from 2 fairways over?

I’m a big believer that you can shoot better scores if you can hit the ball 200 yards into the fairway. If I could do this on every single hole, I’d take it. I actually shot my best 9 holes when I benched my big stick and hit 7 wood off every tee (4 over on 9 holes).

But getting back to the balls, I did end up hitting more fairways with the Chrome Soft. The Supersoft was still pretty good and I only missed one fairway with it. I did notice that the Supersoft had more curve to it off the tee.

I’m not saying Chrome Soft is the ball you should play because there are other factors to look at. The good news though is that both balls were quite good when it came to forgiveness. I just think Chrome Soft was slightly better for my game.

Winner: Chrome Soft.

Chrome Soft vs Supersoft: Launch Height

As I mentioned before, I got a bit more distance out of the Supersoft and the main reason is that it launched quite a bit higher. It’s something I could notice right away and I think adding height is an easy way for the average player to increase distance.

On pretty much all shots, I could tell that the Chrome Soft was lower launching. I think that’s why I hit more fairways with it but it’s something to know before you go out and buy them. I think if you have a slower swing speed and try playing a lower launching ball you’ll get a lot less distance.

If you are a mid handicap player then you most likely won’t have any issues with the lower launch but I could see some problems for the higher handicap golfer.

Winner: Supersoft.

Chrome Soft vs Supersoft: Stopping Power

The majority of mid to high handicaps probably can’t spin the ball a whole lot but I thought I’d include it just in case. All I mean by stopping power is how quickly your ball lands on the green and spins back. Some balls can do this but some balls will just land and run out.

I’m not able to get a whole lot of spin on my shots but I could see a little bit of a difference. I did do a lot of reading to see what others have said but the clear winner here is the Chrome Soft. I’m sure you could get both balls to spin if you’re a good player but the mid handicapper who wants some spin will like the Chrome Soft a lot more.

Winner: Chrome Soft.

Best Callaway Golf Ball?

After playing both balls for a number of holes, it’s pretty clear to me which ball should be played by which player. It’s not an exact science because everyone swings the club differently, but I’m sure the majority of players will have the same results.

If you’re a higher handicap golfer you should play the Callaway Supersoft ball. You probably don’t have the fastest swing speed and I think you’ll get a lot more height and distance out of it. You might get a bit more curve on the ball but I think your overall results will be better. It felt super solid off the tee and on the green and I think you’ll really like it.

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If you’re a mid-handicap golfer like myself, you should probably play the Callaway Chrome Soft ball. You could definitely still use the Supersoft but I think you’ll be better off playing the Chrome Soft if you want to improve your game. You might not get as much distance but you’ll most likely hit more fairways and that’ll set you up for better scores.

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