Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver: An HONEST Review

The Rogue ST Max driver is built for distance and forgiveness. Your driver is probably one of your most used clubs in the bag, so it’s important that you pick the one that finds the fairway.

This driver came out in 2022, along with a couple of different models. We’ve been able to test multiple different drivers over the years, so we’ll be talking about how the ST Max compares to its competitors.

Our Testing Process: Our goal is to help you find the right product. We continue to use each product over time and will keep our reviews updated. Learn more here.

Out Of Bounds Golf Verdict

The Rogue ST Max driver is one of the most popular drivers for average players and is the one I currently have in my bag. It’s not the longest club I’ve ever hit, but it finds the fairway more often than anything I’ve ever hit.

You can see some of our favorite drivers for average golfers HERE.

The Pros

➕ Straight ball flight

➕ Respectable distance

➕ Better looking than previous models

The Cons

➖ Price is still a bit high

The Breakdown

  • Quality: 5
  • Distance: 4
  • Forgiveness: 5
  • Value/Price: 4
  • Our Rating: 5 Stars

Where To Buy

Check the price at Worldwide Golf, or buy new/used on Global Golf

In This Review

Product Details | Intro | Looks | Feel & Sound | Performance | Bottom Line | Alternatives

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Product Details

The Intro

According to Callaway, the 2022 Rogue is more stable than before, and if that’s the case, the average player would benefit quite a bit. All that means is more consistency and a better ball flight.

I had used a few different drivers from Callaway in the past, most recently being the XR16 and the Epic Flash. Both of those were pretty solid, but improvements could be made.

The model I have is the ST Max, which is the standard driver. It has a slight draw bias and is going to fit the widest range of golfers.

On the other hand, you have the LS version, which stands for “low spin.” This is designed for better players. You also have the ST Max “D” version, which has a larger draw bias and is built for people who slice the ball.

The Looks

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been the biggest fan of the way Callaway clubs have looked over the years. You had the Mavrik, which was orange. You also had the Flash series, which was green.

What you’ll notice right away is that they went with a much more simple design with the ST series, one that looks a bit more professional. Black, grey, and gold.

At address, the longer profile will stand out. My assumption is that it moves weight farther back, which improves forgiveness and helps you launch the ball higher.

Looking at the face, you’ll see two things: Jailbreak and Flash Face. Both are just marketing terms, but the idea is to have stiffness in the head and flexibility in the face.

With the sole, you have a pretty standard design. You can adjust the loft/lie of the club, but there are no moveable weights.

The Feel & Sound

When I first got the ST Max in my hands, I noticed right away that it felt fairly light. I had a Cobra driver before this, and there was a noticeable difference in how they felt.

In terms of sound, the ST Max felt and sounded solid, better than previous drivers from Callaway. You’re not going to get an obnoxious whack that gets looks at the range.

The Performance

When it comes to drivers like this, the main thing I’d be looking for is distance and forgiveness. Being able to launch the ball high in the air and land the ball in the fairway is what most people want.

What we’ll do to test the performance is to put it through our fairways in regulation test. Take 10 shots off the tee and see how many hit the fairway. We’ll also record the distances.

Shot #Fairway HitDistance
Average60%264 Yards

The distances were recorded using my Shot Scope V3. I’m not the longest driver, obviously, but I’m usually pretty consistent in hitting the fairway.

Hitting 60% of fairways is a bit better than normal for me, so I was pretty impressed with that part of the driver.

My first shot was a pull to the left (my misses would always go right). One of the shots was the usual slice to the right. All other shots were within 10 yards of the fairway.

Compared to my previous driver, the ST Max hit the ball so much better. It was actually a night and day difference. I was very happy, to say the least.

The distance was pretty good also (for me). It wasn’t the longest driver I’ve hit, but it hit more fairways than anything. I’ll take that all day long. You can learn more about how far people hit their driver HERE.

The Bottom Line

After testing the ST Max today, and over 7 full rounds, I can confidently say it’s one of the best drivers I’ve hit. It’s made a huge difference in my game and is the club that’s currently in my bag (at the time of writing this).

I went with the 10.5 degree model, but if you’re unsure about whether to go 10.5 or 9, you can read our guide HERE.

If you find yourself slicing the ball often, I’d highly recommend checking it out. Most people should stick to the standard ST Max, but if you need a lot of help, consider the ST Max D version.

Better players with faster swing speeds might prefer the LS model, but I don’t think you could go wrong with the standard.

If you’d like to try the Rogue before you buy it, you should check to see if UTry is available at Global Golf. It costs a few bucks and you can test it out for a while before purchasing.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with the ST Max, make sure to leave a comment below.

Where To Buy

Check the current price at Worldwide Golf, or buy new/used on Global Golf

The Alternatives

Even though the ST Max driver is a great choice for some, it may not be the best option for everyone. If you want to learn more, I’d recommend checking out one of our “best of” guides below to see what’s right for you.

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