The 7 Best Golf Drivers Under $200

Most weekend golfers don’t want to spend a fortune on the newest club, and there’s really no point in doing it. Some clubs from the past still hold up to this day and will perform just as well. In this post, I’ll be talking about some cheap and affordable drivers for people on a budget.

Here are the top drivers under $200:

  1. Ping G400
  2. Cleveland Launcher HB
  3. Callaway XR16
  4. Cobra King F9
  5. Callaway Big Bertha Epic
  6. Ping G30
  7. Taylormade M2

Some of them are available brand new for under $200 but some of them will need to be used (most of the time you can get a really nice used one on eBay or Craiglist). Continue reading for the full review of each.

Do you have an inexpensive driver that you love? If so, let me know what it is in the comments below.

#7: Taylormade M2

Taylormade M2 Driver

If you’re a fan of Taylormade clubs and don’t want to spend a fortune then this could be perfect for you.

It’s not my favorite driver personally but it’s light and pretty forgiving on off-center hits (it’s still not gonna fix that slice though).

The distance is respectable and found my ball flight was slightly straighter compared to the Taylormade Rocketballz I was using before.


  • I found the performance very similar to the newer Taylormade M4.
  • You can adjust the loft or change the shaft.
  • It offers a great mix of distance and forgiveness.


  • If you slice or hook the ball then there are probably better options out there.
  • If you want control over pure distance then there will be better options out there.

Sometimes Amazon has them available for under $200, but if not, check eBay. You can see our full review and demo here.

#6: Ping G30

Ping drivers have been my favorite for a bit now and the G30 is a great option that’s not overly expensive and will give the results you’re after (even though it’s older).

It’s a great club for all skill levels and the reason I like these drivers is because of how comfortable they are to swing.

The distance isn’t quite as good as some but consistency is where it’ll shine.


  • The loft can be adjusted and you can switch shafts.
  • You can get the SF version for draw bias or LS for lower spin.
  • The price point is super reasonable.


  • You may have a tough time finding a new one and will probably have to get used.
  • It’s not as long and forgiving as some of the others.

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#5: Callaway Great Big Bertha

If you’re a fan of Callaway clubs then this is still one of my all-time favorite drivers.

If you’ve ever hit the XR 16 driver the newer Epic will give you higher launches, less spin, and a bit more distance.

It’ll work for all skill levels (they have the sub-zero version too) but the one thing that stood out most was how forgiving it was.


  • The loft can be adjusted and it has a sliding weight.
  • It was one of the more forgiving drivers on this list.
  • The weight and balance were pretty much perfect.


  • It didn’t sound or feel as solid as the XR 16 driver did.
  • You’ll most likely have to find a used one to slip under the $200 mark.
  • Wasn’t the longest for me.

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#4: Cobra King F9

This driver came out in 2019 but it still stands up to the newer options and is designed for accuracy and staying in the fairway.

It wasn’t quite as long as some but I think that’ll benefit a lot of average players because they won’t be in the trees as much (still won’t fix that slice).

You can also find the F9s version, which is a little bit cheaper. It just doesn’t have the milled face.


  • You can get a brand new one for $200.
  • You can adjust the loft and weight of the driver.


  • If you want pure distance then this might not be the one for you.
  • I didn’t really like the way it sounded or felt (but that doesn’t impact performance).

#3: Callaway XR16

This is my all-time favorite driver from Callaway and even though it came out years ago I still think it’s better than a lot of newer drivers.

I love the way this driver feels and sounds and how consistent it is off the tee (not as long as the newer clubs but I’m fine with that).

You might have a tough time finding a new one under $200 but I’ve seen nice used ones on eBay and Craigslist.


  • The ball always seems to find the fairway with it.
  • The sound and feel at impact is confidence-boosting.
  • My consistency was a bit better than the GBB Epic.


  • It’s not as forgiving or as long as some of the newer drivers on the market (kinda expected though).

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#2: Cleveland Launcher HB

If you’re someone who needs all the forgiveness you can get to bomb it long and straight down the fairway then this is for you.

It’s not the best for better players who want to be able to control and shape the golf ball but it’ll give nice and high launches for the general weekend golfer.

You can also pick up a brand new one for under $200 or a used one for even cheaper.


  • I love the way the club looks and feels at address.
  • It was the highest launching and the straightest driver for me.
  • It’s perfect for mid to high handicap players.


  • It has a bit of a crash sound at impact (which doesn’t impact the performance).
  • It’s not the best if you’re wanting to shape the ball around.

Check the current price on Amazon

Check the price on Global Golf

#1: Ping G400

This is my current favorite driver and is the one I’ve been using for a while and absolutely love it.

A brand new one will put you over the $200 mark but you can normally pick up a used one on eBay or Craigslist for cheaper.

It’s just an all-around great performer in terms of distance, forgiveness, and control off the tee.

It’s not as forgiving as some on off-center hits but once you get a little better you’ll find more fairways.


  • It’s still top 3 in all categories compared to new drivers (distance, forgiveness, control).
  • It’s slightly better in all areas compared to the Ping G30.


  • It’s not the nicest looking driver but I’m fine with that as long as I’m in the fairway.
  • There isn’t a whole lot of adjustments on it (just the loft angle).

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