Callaway Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood: An HONEST Review

A lot of golfers, especially high handicaps, often hit their fairway wood as far as their driver, and usually straighter. A lot of these people also struggle to hit their fairway wood off the turf.

The ST Max is designed to easily launch the ball straight and far, no matter where you’re playing from. We’ve tested and reviewed a lot of different clubs, and in this post, we’ll check out the ST Max to see if it’s the right option for you.

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Out Of Bounds Golf Verdict

The ST Max is one of the best fairways woods for mid to high handicap golfers. I’ve had it in my bag, along with the ST Max driver, for a couple of years now and they’re some of my favorite clubs I’ve ever hit.

Having a slight draw-bias will help you if you tend to push or slice the ball. It’s not the longest wood I’ve ever hit, but it’s probably the straightest.

If you tend to draw or hook the ball already, the ST Max LS version might be better for you. It’s much more neutral, so it could be a little straighter.

You can also see our favorite fairway woods for average players HERE.

The Pros

➕ Respectable distance

➕ Very straight ball flight

➕ Easy to hit off the fairway

The Cons

➖ There are no adjustments

➖ Some people may not like the slight draw-bias

The Breakdown

  • Quality: 5
  • Distance: 4
  • Forgiveness: 5
  • Value/Price: 5
  • Our Rating: 5 Stars

Where To Buy

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In This Review

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Callaway Rogue ST Max Product Details

The Intro

The ST Max came out in 2022 and is the standard version in the series. You also have the ST Max D, which is an ultra game-improvement club because of the extra draw-bias. You also have the ST Max LS, which has a neutral lie and produces less spin.

The standard ST Max will suit the majority of mid to high handicaps. You’ll get the slight draw-bias, which should help you hit straighter shots. That said, it’s not enough to reduce the versatility as you get better.

It’s supposed to produce a lot of speed through impact, so that should mean it hits the ball far. I’ve hit the ST Max irons and the driver in the past, both of them are very good, so expectations were high with this one.

The Looks

At address, the profile gives a confidence-inspring feel with its slightly oversized look. I wouldn’t say it’s too large, especially for a game-improvement wood. Compared to the other models, this one is in the middle, in terms of size.

Looking down, you can tell that the face is slightly closed, but it’s nothing too crazy. The driver was the same way, but I was able to hit that right down the middle.

The main thing people may have issues with is that adjustments are limited. There are no sliding weights and there are no loft/lie adjustments. What you see is what you get.

The Sound & Feel

Most golfers have a tough time hitting the sweet spot consistently, so it’s important that mishits perform and also still feel right. You shouldn’t get harsh vibrations through the handle, but you still want to feel what went wrong.

When you make solid contact, the ST Max has an explosive feel. It doesn’t produce a high-pitched pingy noise and it’s not dull either. There really isn’t much to complain about.

On off-center hits, you can notice a difference right away. The sound isn’t a whole lot different, but you get some vibrations up the shaft and into your hands. I could usually tell right away whether I missed toward the toe or heel.

The Performance

With a club like this, we’re mainly looking for three things:

  1. Hit the ball far
  2. Hit the ball straight
  3. Be easy to hit off the ground

It’s not really designed for low handicappers so there really isn’t a need for maximum workability and versatility. Average players just need to hit more fairways and greens.

To figure out how the ST Max performed, we’ll take 10 shots off the tee and record the distance. I have the 5 wood with a stiff shaft. If you’re curious, you can read our guide on 3 woods vs 5 woods to learn what’s right for you.

We’ll also look at how many fairways were hit. I also have the Epic Flash wood (2019 version) that I’ll compare to. Here were the results:

DistanceFairway Hit
Average: 237 YardsFIR: 70%

On average, I hit my 5 wood 237 yards and was able to hit 70% of the fairways. I’m actually pretty happy with those numbers. If you want to see how you compare, you can see how far people hit their clubs HERE.

Compared to my old Epic Flash, the newer ST Max went farther and straighter. It was only a few yards longer, but the real difference was how much straighter it went.

Even compared to newer models from other brands, the ST Max was one of the straightest I’ve hit. It may not happen for you, but I noticed it right away.

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you’re looking for a fairway wood that finds greens and fairways, the ST Max series could be perfect for you. The model that’s right for you will depend on what your typical shot shape is.

If you slice the ball, the draw-bias on the ST Max D could help you straighten that out. The only downside to this is that it probably won’t be ideal as you get better.

If you hook the ball, the neutral lie of the LS will probably be better. The thing to note about this model is that you need a decently quick swing speed to hit it well. The reason is that it’s a lower spinning club.

Most golfers (myself included), will prefer the standard ST Max. It’s versatile enough to hit a draw and fade and it can be used by a wide range of golfers. There is a reason I currently have this club in my bag.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with the ST Max, be sure to leave a comment below.

Where To Buy

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The Alternatives

Even though the ST Max series are great clubs, they may not be the best option for everyone. If you’re interested, you can read one of our guides and find out which fairway woods we like and recommend. You can find those below:

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