Claw Golf Glove Review (Claw, Claw Pro, Claw Max)

If you’re anything like me you’re probably tired of having to change your glove every couple of rounds. Whether it be from sweaty hands or wet weather, we all know what it’s like to reach into your bag to grab an old crusty glove. The solution to this could be the Claw glove from CaddyDaddy.

Extremely comfortableLoses grip when wet
More breathable
Machine washable
Lasts much longer

Key Takeaways: Compared to other golf gloves, the Claw is one of the most comfortable gloves I’ve used and lasts much longer than other gloves on the market. The main knock is that you’ll lose some grip when the glove gets sweaty or wet.

Who Should Buy: The Claw is a perfect glove for someone who doesn’t want to replace their glove often. I’ve used it for 10 rounds at least and it’s still in perfect condition. Dirty? Just throw it in the wash.

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Save 15% on all CaddyDaddy products with code OBG HERE. You can also buy them on Amazon

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How The Claw Is Different

The main difference between the Claw and other gloves is the palm material. Your standard glove will have a leather or synthetic leather palm. The Claw has a synthetic suede and silicone palm.

I’m sure you’ve played a round where it was hot or wet out. You toss your glove in your bag. You don’t play again for a week or two only to find that your glove is drier than a stick of beef jerky.

Not only that, but it’ll start wearing out after a few rounds and will need to be replaced. Some people don’t want to deal with that, and the Claw could be the perfect solution.

Basically, the palm is much more durable and it’s not going to dry and crack. The cost is essentially the same as any other glove, but it’ll last much longer.

I’ve used one of my gloves for 10+ rounds and it still looks perfectly fine (pic below). It’s not perfect by any means, but I think it’s something you need to try.

What I also like is that the backside has mesh on it. Having a bit of breathability makes things a lot more comfortable on those hot days.

How about downsides? The only thing that I experienced was that the palm lost some grip when it got wet. If your hands get sweaty on a hot day or if you’re playing in the rain, it’s definitely not as good.

I think this mainly happens when sweat and dirt build up on the palm. I found it got a bit better when I washed the glove. That being said, it’s super grippy when things are dry.

Quick Comparison

The Claw#1#1#3
Claw Pro#1#2#2
Claw Max#3#3#1

The Original Claw

This is probably the most comfortable model and is designed to be the most breathable. This makes this glove a good choice for people with sweaty hands or if you’re playing in hot weather.

The palm is made from a synthetic suede and silicone material. This makes the glove much more durable than leather and is also super grippy in dry conditions. This is the same for all Claw gloves.

The main difference between the gloves comes from the backside of the glove. The original Claw has mesh on the entire back of the glove. This makes it the most breathable and also the most comfortable.

Note. This glove comes in either a men’s or lady’s version.

The Claw Pro

This is probably my favorite of the three because it sits somewhere in the middle in terms of comfort and performance. It’s a good choice for someone who wants breathability and stability in their glove.

The palm is made from the same suede and silicone material. Again, it’s much more durable and provides a good amount of grip.

The backside of this glove is mesh in the fingers and suede on the top of the palm. This basically gives a tighter fit which makes it more stable so your hand doesn’t slip inside the glove (people have said this about the original Claw glove).

The Claw Max

caddydaddy claw max glove

This is the most traditional feeling model and is the most stable but least breathable. This makes it a good fit for someone who likes the tight feel of a leather glove.

The palm is the same suede and silicone material. All it really does is make a normal leather glove more durable so it lasts longer.

Just like with the other gloves, the backside is the only difference. Both the fingertips and back of the palm are made with synthetic leather while the base of the fingers is mesh. This makes the glove more stable throughout the swing but still offers some sort of breathability.

Note. This glove runs a little bit tighter than the original and pro Claw. If you like a tight fit, go with your normal size. If you don’t like a tight feel, size up.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with the Claw, make sure to leave a comment below.

Where To Buy

Save 15% on all CaddyDaddy products with code OBG HERE. You can also buy them on Amazon

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