How We Test Products

When it comes to golf products, there are so many different products to pick from. Not only that, but there are also so many different opinions. Our goal at Out Of Bounds Golf is to simplify that process and find the best solution for the average golfer.

The problem with 80% of golf websites out there is that they have either never held the products in their hands (they use stock product photos), or the ones that do, are scratch players. This means that their opinions may not apply to you.

To Fix That, Our Goal Is To:

  • Test products from an average golfer’s point of view and talk about who that product might be right for and who should avoid it.
  • Actually test the products on the golf course to see how they perform in a real-world situation. Not just on a launch monitor.
  • Never give a positive rating in exchange for a free product. We occasionally are sent products from companies. We will always give them an honest opinion.

Just because we like or dislike a product doesn’t always mean it’s good or bad. Something that we like or works for us won’t always work the best for you. Please keep that in mind when reading our content. We try our best to talk about what type of person would like it and what type of person should avoid it.

How We Test Products

All products we recommend are either bought from the store, just like you, or are sent to us by the company. 80% of the products are purchased by us.

  • Our review articles are used to test the product and talk about whether or not it’s a good product. We will talk about the things we like about it and the things we don’t like about it.
  • Our “best of” articles are used to compare similar products to see what’s the best option for you. Different products are recommended to different people. Mid handicap players do the testing for mid handicap articles. High handicaps do the same for those articles.

Who Tests The Products

All products are tested by golf enthusiasts from different skill levels. The majority of products are tested by Jon Webber, a mid handicap golfer. We also have high and low handicap golfers who share their opinion for relevant articles.

There are a handful of products that are tested by other people. The reason is that we can’t buy everything out there, so we trust their opinion because they actively use the product. These people are either low or mid handicappers.

How We Rank Products

All products are given a score of 3, 4, or 5 (perfect score). We won’t post an article for any product with a score less than 3. Here is what each of the scores means:

5 Star (It’s great): A perfect product that provides solid performance in all areas. The quality is high, it performs like it should, and the value is there compared to other choices on the market. We don’t give too many of these out.

4 Star (It’s good): A good product that provides solid performance in most cases but lacks in one area. Whether it’s performance, feel, quality, or price. Example: A good product that is priced too high.

3 Star (It’s okay): A decent product that lacks in more than one area compared to other choices on the market. It could be worth buying, but in most cases, there are better choices out there.

In addition to its star rating, we may also give a specific award to a product. Here are some examples:

Overall Pick: This product is one of the best out there, whether it’s based on performance, quality, or features. We don’t consider the price of this award.

Value Pick: This product provides excellent value for the price. It might not be the best choice in all categories, but what it offers for the price is tough to beat.

Do We Make Money?

In most cases, yes. When we recommend a product, we usually use what’s called an “affiliate” link. This means that if you click our link and make a purchase, we’ll receive a small commission, at no cost to you. This helps support the site and does not impact our overall rating or what we recommend.

You can learn more here.