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Picking the right wedge not only comes down to skill level, but you also need to consider what type of courses you’ll be on and which type of shots you’ll be hitting.

Look through our collection of articles and find out how to pick the perfect set of wedges to add to your golf bag.

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Not sure where to start with wedges? Start with our beginner’s guide.

This article will answer common questions and walk you through buying the perfect set of wedges.

We’ll cover loft, bounce, and some other factors you’ll want to consider.

What Wedge Should You Use? (A Complete Guide)

Wedges We Recommend

Stix Wedge Set

Our go-to wedge set for someone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on clubs.

They aren’t the longest. They don’t produce the most spin. That said, for the price, they’re pretty tough to beat.

Get 10% off your order when you use our link below.

Callaway CB Wedge

Our go-to wedge for mid to high handicaps that use cavity back irons and want a set of wedges with some forgiveness.

If you’re not hitting flop shots around the green, having a more forgiving wedge could help you in a lot of situations around the course.

Wedge Comparisons & Reviews

Understand the world of wedges with our in-depth and tested review articles. We take the clubs to the course and put them through the test, so you don’t have to.

Learn more about how we test products here.

“Best Of” Comparisons

Best Wedges For Average Golfers

Picking a wedge that offers performance and forgiveness is incredibly important for the weekend player.

Best Wedges For Mid Handicappers

Having a wedge that offers a bit more performance for when you get better is what you should be looking for.

5 Of The Best Golf Chipper Wedges

If you struggle with consistency around the green, using a chipper club instead could be the solution.

Individual Product Reviews

Stix Wedge Set Review

Getting a set of wedges doesn’t have to break the bank. Grab a single wedge or complete set.

Ping ChipR Wedge Review

One of the best options for hitting bump and run shots around the green.

A wedge that offers distance, forgiveness, and pretty solid spin rates.

Wedge Basics

The 5 Types Of Wedges (And When To Use Them)

Get familiar with the different types of wedges and what each of them is used for.

How Many Wedges The Average Golfer Should Carry

The average golfer doesn’t always need to carry 5 wedges in their bag.

What Is A Pitching Wedge? (Loft, Distance & When To Use)

The most common wedge you’ll see in people’s bags, and is also one of the most used clubs.

Understanding Golf Wedges

What Is Bounce On A Wedge? (And How To Use It)

Bounce can be used to hit a range of different shots. Learn what it is and how it impacts your game.

What Wedge The Average Golfer Should Use Around The Green?

Pulling out your lob wedge anytime you’re close to the green is probably hurting your short game.

58 vs 60 Degree Lob Wedge: What Loft To Use?

Most people carry a 60 degree wedge in their bag. What if I told you that it may not be the best choice for you?