Superspeed Golf Training System: An HONEST Review

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on golf lessons you might want to consider getting a few training aids. In this post, I’m going to be reviewing the Superspeed training system and talking about whether or not it actually helped improve my golf game.

Long story short, I’ve actually been pretty surprised with how well it’s been working so far. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks now and my swing speed has definitely increased. It’s designed to help you swing FASTER and not HARDER. For me, it’s been something that’s really helped my ball speed increase and also have better balance. It’s not a cheap training aid and it’ll only be beneficial if you commit to the entire 8-10 week program. If you’re committed, I think you’d really benefit from the Superspeed.

I think it’s kind of obvious to say this training aid won’t magically fix your game overnight. So many people get something like this, try it out a few times, don’t see any results, and call it a gimmick. Don’t be that guy. If that’s all the info you were looking for then great. If you want a more detailed review of the trainer, be sure to watch the full video or blog post below.

Superspeed Golf Training System Review

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Superspeed Trainer First Impressions

I came across this training aid when I was looking for a way to increase my swing speed and my shot distance. I have a bit of a slower swing speed (I can swing harder but the consistency goes away) so it was something I wanted to work on.

Most of the time when you try to hit the ball longer you end up swinging harder and you probably know what happens next. The ball will most likely roll a few yards in front of you and you’ll have to try again. It’s really a terrible feeling.

This device was made to help you swing FASTER and not HARDER. That’s why I was curious to give it a try, but I didn’t have the highest expectations going in. I’ve tried a lot of training aids on the market and most of them are gimmicks (I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on the golf channel).

How Did The System Perform?

The basic science behind this is that by swinging a lighter club you can trick the body and mind and then reprogram your body to faster speeds. I thought it sounded kinda dumb at first but I thought I’d still give it a try.

I’ve been doing the program 3x a week for 12 days (it has all the instructions with it) and I’ve seen a 2 MPH increase in my swing speed. It’s not anything crazy but I’m still only in the introduction phase. Here’s a demo video:

The intro phase takes about 4 weeks to go through and then you do level 1 after that, which is another 4-6 weeks. Only being 12 days in and seeing results already has made me pretty excited to see what it’ll be like after the entire program.

UPDATE. I’ve completed the entire program and my swing speed has increased by another 3 MPH (5 MPH total since the start). I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it really does make a difference. That extra speed has resulted in 5-10 more yards for each of my clubs. I don’t want to say it’s entirely because of the Superspeed but it was a big factor.

Who’s It Best For/Not For?

I would say this training would only benefit people who are actually serious about golf and are serious about improving their game. It’s not a cheap device and you’re only going to get the results if you practice multiple times per week (only a few minutes each day) and are committed to the process.

It’s the exact same for any other training aid but I’d say even more for the Superspeed since it’s more expensive. I’ve read some reviews and comments about people complaining the thing didn’t work for them. They also will say things like “I tried it for 5 days” or something along those lines. No wonder it didn’t work for you. Come on people.

Superspeed Specs

ClubLength (in)Weight (g)
Superlight Junior (Yellow)41220
Light Junior (Green)41250
Medium Junior (Blue)41285
Superlight Adult (Yellow)45225
Light Adult (Green)45255
Medium Adult (Blue)45290
Heavy Adult (Red)45335


  • It’s a great device to help you swing faster and not harder.
  • It’ll improve your swing/ball speed
  • I felt like my balance improved.
  • It comes with an easy-to-understand and follow routine.


  • It’s not a cheap system.
  • You’ll only get results if you stick to the full 8-10 week program.

The Breakdown

  • Performance score: 10
  • Price score: 7
  • Durability score: 9
  • Personal score: 9

My Final Thoughts

Overall, if you’re in the market for a training device that actually WORKS and you have the money for it, I’d highly recommend the Superspeed trainer. It’s not a quick fix but I did see improvements relatively quickly. That being said, I actually followed the process.

Even after using it for a couple of weeks, I was able to increase power and distance with all my clothes. It’s a trainer that can help anyone who’s willing to put in the work to improve their game.

If you don’t golf a whole lot or you don’t practice much, you probably shouldn’t get the Superspeed. I’m pretty sure you won’t put in enough time to really get the most out of it. Start going to the range more often and then invest in something like this.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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