21 Most Overrated Vs Underrated Equipment In Golf

In this post, I’m going to be talking about 21 overrated and underrated golf stuff that people buy or do. Some of them are equipment while others are the strategy. Here are the most overrated/underrated things in golf:

Overrated: Titleist TS

I don’t like pretty much everything about the TS drivers from Titleist.

The price is pretty ridiculous and I didn’t get any benefit at all compared to a driver half of the price.

Underrated: Wilson Staff D7

Most people overlook Wilson Staff products but they’re actually one of my favorites (clubs & balls).

They’re affordable, perform really well, and are a great product for most of the average golfers out there.

Overrated: Fairway Woods

I haven’t used a fairway wood in a couple of seasons now and don’t miss it whatsoever.

They aren’t that versatile and aren’t the easiest thing to hit from the fairway. What’s better?

Underrated: Hybrids

I’ve replaced my fairway woods with hybrid clubs because I find them easier to hit and are more versatile.

They go almost as far but the average player could use them a lot more.

Overrated: Fat Grip Putters

Word on the street is that fat grips for your putter will magically lower your scores overnight.

I use these grips and prefer them but the truth is that they won’t help you sink more putts.

Underrated: A Quality Golf Glove

I always thought all gloves were the same and it didn’t really matter which one you use.

That all changed when I got the CaddyDaddy Claw glove which had way more grip, a better feel, and breathable mesh.

Underrated: Leaving The Pin In

I’ve been leaving the pin in and it’s been so much better.

No more hassle of taking it out and slowing down the game.

It’s never once caused me to miss a putt.

Overrated: Draw Bias Clubs

This is one of the crazy things golfers do to try to fix their swing. Why?

It doesn’t make sense to cover for a bad swing.

It doesn’t even fix your hook or slice anyway.

Underrated: Noodle Balls

Most people laugh at the sight of a Noodle golf ball but they’re actually one of my favorites.

I guarantee you’ll lose fewer balls on the course if you switch to these.

Overrated: Game-Improvement Irons

This is somewhat similar to the draw bias clubs but instead of getting clubs to fix your bad swing why not just fix it in the first place?

You can then use a $100 iron set from Costco and be completely fine.

Underrated: Practice

Practice > Gimmicks.

If you’ll just spend a couple of hours each week practicing you’ll be far better off than going out and buying the latest and greatest golf club.

Overrated: Scotty Cameron Putters

This might be the greatest scam in the history of golf for the average player.

The price on these things is crazy and it was no better for me compared to a $30 putter from Walmart.

Overrated: Expensive Rangefinders

I’m all for knowing the precise distance to things on the course but does the average golfer really need a $500 distance finder?

Tour players sure but Joe the weekend golfer doesn’t need to be accurate to half a yard.

Underrated: Free Golf Apps

Most people these days have some sort of Smartphone and guess what?

You can get a free app that will tell you the distance to pretty much everything on the course.

Overrated: New Clubs

You probably know the guy who has the latest clubs every single year but still manages to spend half the round looking in the trees.

I know plenty of people who have clubs from the 90s and still manage to put up great scores.

Underrated: New Swing

If you fix your swing then you can play a good round with pretty much any club out there.

Spend your time and money at the range or get some lessons first.

Overrated: Buying Beer

If you buy your beer at the course then I really don’t know what to say.

The amount of money I’ve been able to save by bringing my own has been a good chunk of change.

Overrated: Hitting Driver

Everyone wants to be the hero off the tee and you probably know it doesn’t go well most of the time.

If you always slice or hook your driver try hitting something else and you’ll probably lower your score.

Underrated: Driving Iron

I could always hit my driver pretty well but by using a driving iron or hybrid more I’ve been able to lower scores.

Put the ball 200 yards in the fairway and you’ll most likely play better golf.

Underrated: Twilight Golf

I’ve been playing a lot of twilight golf lately and it’s been way better.

It’s not as hot out, there’s nobody else there, and I can get on the course for under $20.

Overrated: 60 Degree Wedge

The average golfer should probably avoid the 60-degree wedge as much as possible.

Only use it if you need to lob the ball over a bunker or tree and you’ll lower scores.

Underrated: Bump & Runs

This has been a game-changer for me and I’d highly recommend you give it a try.

Instead of using a 60 use your 8 or 9 iron to bump the ball onto the green.

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