6 Golf Training Aids That’ll Fix Your Slice Or Hook

Having a big hook or slice with any of your clubs is one of the worst feelings a golfer can have. It’s also one of the more common things golfers face. In this post, I’m going to be talking about my favorite training devices that have made me a more consistent golfer.

Here are the best training aids to fix a hook or slice:

  • Impact Bag.
  • Golf Grip Trainer.
  • Tee Claw.
  • Figure 8 Strap.
  • Swingyde.
  • Speed Trap 2.0.

I’m not saying these will magically fix your swing overnight and I’m not saying they’ll work for you. They’ve been a big help for me but I ended up putting in a lot of practice. If you don’t practice with them on a regular basis, you’re not going to see the results. It’s kind of obvious but you’d be surprised by how many people spend an hour messing around with these trainers and wonder why they’re still slicing the ball.

Impact Bag

The most common reason you’re slicing or hooking the ball is that your clubface is open or closed at impact. You could do everything else perfectly, but if your club isn’t square at impact, you’ll never be able to hit a straight shot (unless you’re a pro, but I’m sure you aren’t).

An impact bag is going to show you what it should feel like at impact. It’ll force you to lead with your hands and if you don’t, you’ll feel it right away. Learning by feel is the best way I’ve been able to improve my game, and this was a big help.

There are a number of companies making a product like this but I think this impact bag is built the best. You don’t need to swing at full power but the main thing would be getting your hands and clubface in the right position (you’ll feel it right away if you don’t do it right). Here’s a quick video of the impact bag:

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Golf Grip Trainer

One of the next major faults in people’s swing is having the wrong grip. There’s isn’t only one way to grip the club but a lot of golfers are making things a lot harder than they need to be. If you set up wrong before you swing, it’ll be really tough trying to compensate.

I always like to think that the more you can do right before the swing, the better. I like this trainer because it’s small, it can attach to all of your clubs, and it’s super inexpensive. I always spend 5 minutes or so before my round (or practice) practicing my swing with this and it really helps.

You might not think your grip is that big of a deal but you’ll never know for sure until you try changing it. Whenever I changed to a stronger grip I found it way easier to compress the ball. My shots ended up going straighter which gave me more distance on all shots. Here’s a video of the SKLZ trainer:

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Tee Claw

The next trainer you might want to get is the Tee Claw. I like this device because it’s inexpensive and it can be used to work on different parts of your game. Most of the other training aids only work on one or two parts of your game but the Tee Claw can be used for alignment, swing path, putting, and a number of other things.

It also lets you use real tees at the range instead of those crappy rubber ones. It’ll come with 4 claws and 5 lanyards. The claws are what attaches to the grass mats and the lanyards are what’ll help with alignment and angles. The claws have holes in the top of them where you can put any sized tee.

tee claw

When I was struggling with a slice I liked to use two lines. The first was for my downswing and the second was for my follow-through. Line #1 would stop me from swinging over the top and line #2 helped me follow-through completely.

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Figure 8 Strap

This has been one of my favorite trainers of all time for working on my swing. It’s extremely simple and cheap but it works really well for keeping your entire body connected through the swing. When your body is connected it’ll let you generate more power, you’ll become more consistent, and you’ll hit the ball further.

All it is is a figure 8 strap that goes just above your elbows. It’ll force you to keep your arms closer together and that’ll keep your back elbow tighter to your body. This shows you what the golf swing should feel like and I think that’s the best way to learn.

You could also make your own strap with some resistance bands or hold a ball between your arms. It’s not that expensive though so it’ll be way easier and more convenient to buy one. Here’s a quick video explaining how it works:

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This is one of the best selling training aids of all time and it’s going to help you hit the ball straighter and get more distance. It’s pretty cheap as well and you’ll be able to attach it to whatever club you want.

It’s going to help you make sure your clubface is aligned properly, which is where the slice or hook comes from. It’ll also show you how much wrist hinge you should have, how to get the proper lag in your swing, and how to release the club.

I never had enough wrist hinge in my swing and that made it really tough to hit straight shots. When you have the right amount of hinge, it’ll be way easier to have a smooth and powerful downswing. Here’s a video of the Swingyde:

Speed Trap 2.0

The final training device I want to talk about is the Speed Trap. This one is a little more expensive than the rest but it’s been super helpful for my iron play. It’ll help with alignment, ball striking, getting the right swing plane, and hitting draws/fades.

What I like about this trainer is that it’ll tell you right away what you did wrong. If you’re not swinging on the right plane you’ll hit the red pylons. If you don’t hit the clubface square you’ll hit the plastic base.

I really noticed a difference in my iron play but you can still use it for your wedges or driver. My shots were higher, straighter, and much longer. If you don’t want to spend the money you can use two water bottles instead of the pylons and you’ll get the same benefit. Here’s a video:

Check out the Speed Trap here (best place we could find).

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