7 Best Travel Bags For Your Golf Clubs

If you’re going to be doing any sort of traveling you’ll probably want to bring your golf clubs and you’ll want to make sure they’re safe at all costs. In this post, I’m going to be talking about the best travel bags for your golf clubs.

Here are the 7 best golf club travel bags:

  • Golf Travel Bags Caravan
  • Athletico Padded Travel Bag
  • AmazonBasics Club Travel Bag
  • PING Rolling Travel Cover
  • SKB Hard Travel Case
  • CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2
  • Sun Mountain ClubGlider

I haven’t been able to test out every single travel bag out there but out of the ones I have tried, these are my favorites. Also, if you’re interested in a new bag you can click here to see the best golf bags.

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#7: Golf Travel Bags Caravan

If you’re someone who doesn’t travel a whole lot and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a travel bag, this could be the option for you.

It’s quite a large bag and doesn’t have as many advanced features as some of the others but it’s built well and has additional pockets for stuff.

I like that it comes with security straps on it but one of the big things I didn’t like was that it doesn’t really fold down that well and takes up room when you’re not using it.


  • The price point is great.
  • From the short period of time we looked at it it seemed to be well built.
  • It has additional pockets to store your golf clothes, shoes, and other gear.


  • It’s a bit big and I’d prefer something slightly more compact.
  • I didn’t find it as easy to carry around and roll compared to some of the others.

#6: Athletico Padded Travel Bag

If you’re super tight for cash and don’t need the most advanced travel bag then this could be a great option for you.

It’s the cheapest one on the list and even though it doesn’t have as much padding as the others, everything else seems to be well built.

The big downside to this is that it doesn’t come with wheels so you’ll have to carry it and the rings that hold the straps weren’t the best.


  • It’s a great value for the cost.
  • It really isn’t that bad to carry (it’s just a pain if you have to carry other things as well).
  • It’s nice and lightweight but still decent quality.


  • You’ll have to carry it since there are no wheels.
  • The bag is high quality but the straps aren’t the best.
  • There are no additional pockets or security straps.

#5: AmazonBasics Club Travel Bag

If you want a slightly more advanced travel bag and are willing to pay a little more then this could be for you.

This bag pretty much takes what the previous two didn’t have and made a better version.

It comes with additional pockets to store your golf stuff, it has security straps to make your clubs more stable, and the best thing about it is that it comes with wheels.


  • The price is still very reasonable.
  • It can fold down smaller than most of the bags.
  • There is a good amount of padding inside it.


  • The material isn’t quite as good as my top 4 picks.
  • It would be nice if it could stand upright a little easier.
  • I’d like it to be slightly more compact.

#4: PING Rolling Travel Cover

If you have more money to spend on a travel bag and want one that folds down as small as possible when not used then this is for you.

It’s much more compact than the previous bags and it can also stand up straight much better.

It doesn’t have pockets for your shoes but it’s one of the easier bags to travel with because you can push or pull it easily (it has 4 wheels).


  • It comes with 4 wheels.
  • The materials and zippers seem to be well built and have held up nicely.
  • My favorite thing about it is that it folds down super compact.


  • It’s pretty expensive.
  • There isn’t much additional room for shoes or gear.
  • It’s not that easy to carry around if something were to happen to one of the wheels.

#3: SKB Hard Travel Case

If you want to be 100% sure nothing happens to your clubs then you should probably get yourself a hard-shell bag.

It’s not a cheap bag but the thing is built like a tank and will keep your clubs safe.

There isn’t a whole lot of room for additional stuff in the bag and it is fairly heavy and can easily pass the 40-50 lb limit some airlines have.


  • This is the most durable and heavy-duty bag on the list.
  • This thing should pretty much last you forever.
  • It’ll hold up much better than soft bags in the rain.


  • It’s quite expensive.
  • It weighs around 18 lbs which doesn’t leave much room for your clubs and gear.
  • It’ll get checked by the airline almost every single time.

#2: CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2

If you want the highest quality bag available but still don’t want to break the bank then this could be the one for you.

It’s the best bag I’ve been able to find that’s under $100 and it comes with pretty much all the basics you’d be looking for.

It has wheels, extra compartments, straps for extra security, and it also has room for shoes, clothes, and additional gear.


  • The value you get for the price can’t be beaten.
  • It’s light and only weighs around 8 lbs.
  • It’ll stand up freely on its own.
  • It has an address slot.


  • It’s not waterproof and will get wet inside if left in the rain.
  • It’s not going to protect as well as the hard-shell.
  • The wheels aren’t as high quality as some of the expensive bags.

#1: Sun Mountain ClubGlider

If you want the highest quality bag possible and have some decent change to throw at it then this will be the one for you.

It’s the highest quality bag I’ve used and it comes with the most advanced features.

It has plenty of room for all your stuff, it has a bunch of padding for your clubs, and it even has a leg mechanism to make pulling it much more comfortable.


  • It’s probably the easiest and smoothest bag to roll.
  • There is additional room for shoes and gear.
  • The quality is top-notch and it protects clubs really well.


  • It’s an expensive bag.
  • It’s not as compact as the PING bag (but it still folds up fairly nicely).
  • It doesn’t stand upright as easy as some of the others.

If you are in the market for a new golf bag but don’t know which one will be right for you, you can click here to see our best golf bags list (all types of bags are included).

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